American Sweetheart

The summary if this novel is the 1st chapter because it's long..


3. (1) Academy Arrival

Today is the perfect day to move into the academy, the weather was just perfect for mid-August with not being too hot or too cold. This is my one of my favorite times of the year with summer ending and fall is just beginning, don't get me wrong I will miss summer with having no school and get to spend more time with my horse but I do miss the fact of learning many new things and letting new people. I am very excited to be joining the academy equestrian team but very nervous about the tryouts, I hope nothing bad happens while I am trying out for the team. I am so excited to start at this special boarding academy with my sister and I can’t wait to meet new friends, ride more horse more and be a part of this amazing academy. The only reason why my sister and I are going to this academy is that my parents are going on a tour around the country for a political campaign which is running for another governor term and well we needed to have a place where we can train and also have a better education.

I went to the horse stables to check on my horse and make sure everything was packed and finally ready to put in the back of the horse truck to be ready to the academy. It's not like we are leaving my family horse stables forever, we are just leaving for the school year, and we will still have our stalls since we own them. My sister and I have our own horse barn stalls and building from others because our parents own the whole property and the horse training and boarding horses. The horse barn that holds about forty horses including my family horses, the barn is so huge that it has there been about two very long rows with twenty stalls on each side. There are an insides and an outdoor arena for training and exercising many horses, there is a huge tack room that holds a lot of tacks, a horse washroom that can hold a lot of horses, a feeding room that holds a lot of horse fees and snacks, there is also a huge location for each gender and there is even a lounge for all the rides to relax and hang out and there is a huge office for keeping important information for the stables. The outside of the horse stables there is huge excuses areas such as a jumping area, training, and pens for horses that just want to be with other horses. The horse stables are on six hundred acres which are all fenced for protection of the horses and to keep random strangers out of the private property. There is a barn that has tractors, lawn mowers, and grander things, also with some couples stable trucks and trailers for horse shows and for traveling such as for picking up a dropping off horses.

Anyways I double check to make sure that my sister didn’t leave anything in her horse stall which she ends up forgetting some things that we need to take to the academy. I am sure going to miss this place and everyone, it’s not like I am leaving forever just for a while but I will back soon. I grab the things that my sister forgot and put in the box as soon as I was just about to turn around someone grab my shoulder and made me jumped.


“Sorry Miss, I didn't mean to grab you but your parents and sister is ready to leave,” a young stable hand guy said.

“Oh thanks, and it’s okay I am easily scared when people do that. I should properly get back to my parents. Well see you another time” I said while looking down on the ground.

A few minutes later I was by the family truck and trailer with my sister's things in a box, I jumped up on the truck bed to put the box down when my sister said…


“Hey, where did you find those things that I was looking for? I knew I forgot something and forgot where I left them. Thanks for grabbing them, you know Firebolt, she freaks out if she doesn’t have her favorite brush.” my sister said while putting her horse through the trailer window.


“Girls are you ready to go and leave for the academy? We do need to hit the road, I hope dad brought some snacks for the road” my mom said while yelling out the truck window.


“I got them, don’t worry I even pack your favorite snacks, and we may need to stop for lunch and gas,” my dad said while getting in the truck and turning it on.


“Dad, can get some chicken nuggets at Wendy’s or McDonald's? I can really go for some and it would be funny if we went through the drive-thru with our horses” Payton said while looking at one of her many horse magazines.


“ I can really go for nuggets too. C’mon dad pretty please, I am getting hungry too” i said as my sister and i do the sad puppy proud.


“Girls, we will stop at one okay, and you know that’s dad weakness. We can’t go through the drive thru with horses” mom said while checking her makeup in the truck mirror.


About two hours later we stop to finally get gas and chicken nuggets also check on the horses to make sure they are okay with food and water. We started to drive again which we was about twenty miles away from the academy, anyways it's a good thing we are close because I know my sister who always end up complaining with are we there yet and I don't know if I can take it anymore. While my sister is signing on top of her lungs to her iPhone music, she isn't a bad singer but it gets annoying after a while. I end up closing my book and just starting out of the window seeing all the trees, farms and even wineries in the beautiful countryside of northern California. After looking out of the window for miles i ended falling asleep with my horse stuff animal in my arms and my head against the truck window.


                      🐴 🐴 🐴  🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴  🐴 🐴


About an hour later I was jolted in my seat and almost hitting my head on the back of the driver's seat, luckily I had my seatbelt on. My sister woke up screaming on top of her lungs from being so easily scared, my mother isn't a good driver especially when it comes to driving the truck. I am glad that my two brothers Aiden and Lucas do not scream like that when my mom tries to park the truck, speaking of them they should be somewhere around the academy properly flirting with girls or either unpacking their stuff with our godparents. My family has come to this academy for generations which my family is a legend and well my great great grandparents have met here. Growing up in a family where there is a couple of generations that went to this academy is a pretty big deal, like for a example there is a whole big award case that has academic and horse related. A another way of example of how my family here at the academy and all around the country is like a very popular like a royal family, i wish i was from a royal family, all the epic parties, the pretty long princess theme dresses and crowns and well maybe in my dreams. Anyways it’s a family tradition to come here and be apart of the equestrian team, many of my family has gone to the Olympics and won many medals.  In the family home we have a big room that is filled with Olympic medals, horse show photos and anything like important.


My mom was so confused that the Academy has changed a bit since her time here, so she pulled out her phone and called my oldest brother Adian to come and help us unload the horses first before unloading the truck for our dorm room.


“Hi sweetheart, I'm here with your dad and sisters and we would like to get the horses settled in before we unpack for the dorm.” my mom said while  talking into her phone.


“Yeah Mom, no problem I was just about to put the last of boxes in my dorm. Also guess who gets to be a instructor this year” my brother said sounded happy.


“Oh my goodness, I am so proud of you and you will make a great riding instructor” mom said while walking towards Adian to give him a hug.


“Thanks mom, i knew i would get it and now i can help the girls ride better and get paid for it” Adian said while smiling.


“I am very proud of you son and one day you may be in the office sometime” my dad said sounded very proud.


“We are very proud too” said Lucas and Peyton at the same time.


“Oh great first i get taught how to ride and tack a horse by him and now i have to be taught by him even more” i said joking.


“Anyways, let's get the horse in the stalls and get the boxes for the dorms in the their rooms and then look around the campus.” My dad said while looking around the campus and watching other people.


“Yeah we should, I know the horses need to be let of the trailer or they would go crazy” Payton said while yelling from the truck to start grabbing some stuff.


About a couple minutes later we got the horse trailer unlocked and took the horses out of the trailer, the horses snoted in relieved of being out in the fresh air. My younger  brother Lucas went running towards the horses to give each of them a kiss on their noises which they love and don't mind at all. Once we got the horse settle in their stalls and got the boxes up to our dorms it was time for lunch and spend more time with family because school final starts. This would be the last day for a while where my family will be together for awhile due to politics and running for the office. Hopefully sometime soon we can have a family day here at the academy. After a long day it was time for my parents, god parents and little brother time to go home. My little brother Lucas said we must video chat alot or he will get mad at us.

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