A's and C's {Cashton One Shot}

Finding a soul mate means they have to have "marks." It could be a tattoo, scar, birth mark. Whatever in the world it is, your soul mate has to have the match. You also can hear each others thoughts, as long as they are about you. Calum finds his mark to be in the shape of an lopsided A. He has no idea what it means, but he will find out.


1. 1

Calum first noticed his mark when he was 16. He was playing bass when his pick scratched him. Looking closely, he found the lopsided A that made his mind race everyday. What did it mean? Calum never knew, and he thought he would never find out. Not because he thought his soulmate was far away, he thought he was close. He would always here the thoughts of his soulmate. At concerts, on the bus, in the 5SOS house. It confused him. He came to the conclusion it was either Michael, Luke, Ashton, or his manager.

He crossed out Luke real quick, as Luke had already found his soulmate. She rode all around with them, staying with them, being with them. He would think about his possible soulmate, whoever it may be, laying in bed, playing a concerts, taking his showers. It was all he thought about. No one knew he had his mark, and he didn't plan on telling, because then he would have to explain everything. He just gave up, almost losing all hope


As for Ashton, all he heard was his soulmates thoughts. Though he never said his name, he knew it was someone close. Ashton also had his mark. It was a C. This confused him. Why in the bloody hell would a C be his mark? Everyone but Calum knew. Not because Ashton kept it from him, but because Calum was always locked away in his room. Ashton felt bad, he had a soft spot for Calum. He brown haired boy meant something to him, even if he didn't know the feeling.


As the band was leaving their most recent concert, a fan attacked them. Saying she was Michael's soulmate, prying on him, and even jumping on him, he was shook. Once they got to the hotel, Michael went to his room. Luke and his girl went to their room, and Calum just plopped on the couch.

"Want to go take a dip in the hot tub?" Ashton asked Calum. He wanted to ask Calum about his problems, alone.

"Um, sure. Let me get changed." Calum replied, bolting to his room. Ashton changed too, meeting Calum in the hall. They walked together, all while Calum has rubbing his mark, and Ashton, well he was lost in the Kiwis eyes. They got to the hot tub and settled in. Calum let a sigh of relief fill him, as he needed this trip. He then shot his hand out the water. It was his mark. It burned like hell, and he didn't know why. Ashton rushed to his side, slowed by the water.

"Let me see." Ashton stated. Calum sighed, then spoke up.

"Promise you wont say anything?" he asked. Ashton nodded his head and focused on Calum.

"Well, I have my mark. It's a weird-shaped A, which makes no sense. Anyways, it's burning, but I'll be fine." Calum told Ashton. Ashton wasn't paying attention, he was think of Calum.

So, so beautiful. Can't believe how lucky his match is.

"Wait, what? Beautiful? Lucky? Ashton, what the fuck are you talking about?" Calum asked. Ashton looked at Calum with wide eyes.

"I didn't say anything." Ashton replied fast.

"Yes, you did. I heard it." Calum said. Once Calum said that, Ashton's brain clicked. He looked at his mark. C. He looked at Calum's. A. He then heard something.

Really sexy when he's focused.

His head shot up and he looked at Calum.

"So, I'm sexy, huh?" he asked in a mocking tone, hoping Calum would get it. Calum looked confused, but then realization dawned on him.

"It's you." Calum said. Of course! A for Ashton, C for Calum. They match. Ashton smiled at Calum while Calum grabbed the curly heads neck. He brought their lips together, capturing Ashton's lips in a mind-blowing kiss. Ashton did not hesitate in reacting, pushing himself flush against Calum. They were both happy.

They found their soulmates.

They found each other.

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