Poppy Lupin

Poppy Lupin is going to Hogwarts with Harry Potter. Though Remus is her father she looks nothing like him she has red hair and bright green eyes. She thinks she is Remus's daughter until she finds out she is not


2. Living with Remus 32 years ago

life can be hard living with Remus. He changes during the full moon. Changes for the worst. He yells, and hurts me. I know he doesn't mean it but I still have a bunch of scars and bruises from him being a wolf. Last year I read a book on how to change into animal form I don't remember what it is called but I thought about doing it for Remus so we could change together. He doesn't know yet but I will tell him once I master the art. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am not excited for it. Too much eyes on me I don't like the attention. The only thing I am excited for is my acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Remus tells me it is a big deal. He also told me he got sorted into the Gryffindor house. Gryffindor house is not for me though they are too full of themselves and that would annoy me. I thought about Hufflepuff because they are kind, hardworking, and they do what's right not for being noticed but just for doing what's right! My best friend Lily would love to be in Gryffindor she looks like me red hair but she has grey eyes. She tells me all about werewolves she is obsessed. I have never told her about Remus being a werewolf but I will tell her. 


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