Poppy Lupin

Poppy Lupin is going to Hogwarts with Harry Potter. Though Remus is her father she looks nothing like him she has red hair and bright green eyes. She thinks she is Remus's daughter until she finds out she is not


3. Hogwarts in the mail

I sat in my kitchen next to Remus and Lily who spent the night. I eat my pancakes and look down at my new ring I got for my birthday it is of Remus and me hugging. Now you are probably wondering why do I call my dad Remus well we don't like to call each other daughter and father I call him Remus it is more casual but during big events I call him father. Remus looks at me staring at the ring. So you like the ring he asks? Love it! Thank you so much Remus! Now Poppy you know how much I hate it when you call me Remus. Oh yeah forgot to tell you guys he absolutely hates it but I like yanking his chain. Sorry father. There you go. He sets down more pancakes in front of us. Mmmmm yum lily says licking her lips! Just then 2 owls fly into the window. Oh look it is those pesky birds again Lily says! Hey they have names Lily that one is Nix and the other is Jamie. Jamie!? That is not a birds name!



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