Lola was just a normal girl until she meets Luke Hemmings, 1/4 of 5SOS. Crazy events happen and Lola ends up touring with him! Will love blossom under the public eye? Read to find out!

*I'm not very good at these so just read the first chapter, I promise you wont be disappointed! I've put a lot of effort into this movella.*


2. TWO

I wake up at 6:20 and shake Lilia awake. She groans and shoves her head under the duvet.

"Come on Lils." I yawn as I go to her ensuite. Hugo is sprawled along the bottom of the bed. I wash my face and do my teeth and when I go back to the bedroom Lilia has already made the bed and is fussing Hugo.

"I'm thinking we have French toast, what about you?" she smiles.

"I'm thinking that's a genius idea!" I laugh and then we race down stairs towards the kitchen. After we finish breakfast Lilia and I go upstairs to change. I put on white skinny jeans, a pale blue knit jumper (that I half tucked into my jeans) and then my vanns. At 7:30 we leave the house and start walking to school. Mrs James says that Hugo can stay at theirs until I collect him after school.

"After school go get clothes for the concert and then come back to mine. My dads taking us to London at 5 so be quick." Lilia informs as we arrive at school.

"Yeah, can Hugo stay with Liam over the weekend?" I smile.

"Of course." she smiles back and then we walk into class.

All day we talk about the weekend we had planned and I have to admit, I was really excited! After school I practically run home and throw billions of clothes into a bag and then slip out the house. I'd told my parents that I was away all weekend and they were not happy at all. However, I told them that if they would just stop arguing then maybe I wouldn't always be running away from them. That earned a few minutes of being yelled at but still, they didn't stop me from going.

"I'm back!" I call as I walk through the front door of Lilia's house.

"Up here!" Lilia screams back and I run up to her room. Hugo is sat waiting for me and I swoop him up in a cuddle.

"Here's a case." She smiles, shoving a pale pink Chanel suit case my way.

"Cheers Lils." I laugh and slump to the floor. I pack loads of different outfits and shoes and also tonnes of make up.

"Do you think I should pack my heals or trainers for the concert?" Lilia asks as we stuff our faces with the pizza Sydney had just brought up.

"Pack both." I say taking a sip of lemonade.

"I'm so glad you said yes Lola!" she smiles.

"Of course I would say yes, you're like my sister Lilia." I laugh lightly. She grins and then takes a huge bite of cheese pizza.

At five o'clock I'm saying goodbye to Hugo and loading my stuff into Charlie's Range Rover. Then at 9 o'clock at night me and Lilia are checking in at our hotel.

"I'm so excited!" Lilia grins as we walk up to our hotel suite.

"I am too!" I grin back.

We open the door and both of our jaws drop. The room is amazing! There were two double beds heavily covered in silk pillows and thick blankets, a massive walk in wardrobe, a beautifully elegant ensuite and then a flat screen T.V.

"Wow." Is all I can bring myself to say as me and Lilia walk into the room.

"This is... Wow." Lilia breathes. She excitedly screams and jumps onto one of the beds.

"This is going to be the best weekend ever!" I giggle as I jump onto the other bed.

"Too right!" she laughs.


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