Lola was just a normal girl until she meets Luke Hemmings, 1/4 of 5SOS. Crazy events happen and Lola ends up touring with him! Will love blossom under the public eye? Read to find out!

*I'm not very good at these so just read the first chapter, I promise you wont be disappointed! I've put a lot of effort into this movella.*



*Her outfit*

When we were both finished getting changed, me and Lilia walked down to breakfast. As we take our seats four familiar faces smile at me.


Me and the boys are sat scoffing our faces with fancy breakfast foods when we all notice Lola coming through the doors with another girl. She sees us and offers an unsure but friendly smile. Lola looked beautiful and I know Calum thought her friend did too.

"Shall we say hi?" Ashton asks.

"She didn't even realise who we were!" Michael laughs.

"Come on boys, lets go introduce ourselves." Calum smirks and then we all walk over.

"Oh hello Luke." Lola smiles. Her friend looks astonished and completely confused.

"Oh Lilia, this is Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton." She says as she takes a sip of orange juice.

"Lola you have no idea who they are do you?" Lilia laughs. Lola looks at us confused as we all grin.

"We're 5 Seconds Of Summer." Michael laughs.

"Oh my god! I feel so stupid. How did I not recognise you?!" She blushes and looks at her friend traumatised.

"Bigger question: How on earth do you know them?" Lilia smirks.

"Funny story actually." Ashton says as we all pull up chairs to sit with them.

"She was at the till and Calum being the idiot he is wanted to stroke Hugo." Luke laughs.

"Then we all wanted to say hello to him." Calum interjects.

"Yep....Oh by the way this is Lilia." Lola laughs again.

"Nice to meet you Lilia." Calum grins making her blush.

I'm about to say something when our manager walks over to us.

"Boys we need to go...NOW!" He barks.

"Okay, we'll be five minutes. We'll meet you at the bus." Ashton says politely and the manager nods and power walks away.

"Are you guys coming to the concert?" Michael asks.

"Yeah we are actually." Lilia smiles. I'm surprised she hasn't gone and done the typical crazy fan attack to be honest.

"Oh good. Here.... give these to the ticket guy and they'll take you back stage to see us." I say, handing two VIP tickets to Lola.

"Awh cool, thank you." Lola grins as she puts them in her handbag.

"Right we'll catch you later. Bye girlies." Ashton says and then we all walk away from them.

"I am so gonna fall for Lilia." Calum chuckles.

"As am I with Lola." I smirk and then we pile into the tour bus.


"That was crazy!" Lilia says excitedly.

"I know right!" I laugh as we walk out the hotel.

"Today is officially the best day of my life!" she grins.

"Weirdo." I tease playfully and then we walk together, arm in arm, down the busy streets of London city. It was warm but there was still an icy breeze so me and Lilia go into a little café. I order us two hot chocolates and millionaire short breads and then sit down at our table. We sit right bar the window where the suns lazy rays beam through.

"Shall we wear something slutty or casual?" Lilia grins as our order is brought to us.

"Thank you..... and both?" I smirk as the waitress walks away. Lilia giggles.

"We are so gonna slay." Lilia jokes.

"Always." I wink.

For the next four hours we tour around London smiling and laughing. There was a group of Irish folk playing on a street corner so we spontaneously started dancing around. People started joining in and we all looked like weirdoes but it was so worth it!

"Go Lola!" Luke whistles as he sticks his head out of his tour bus window as it drove past us. All four of them stick their heads out a window and whistle.

"Come on tough guy!" I shout back as me and Lilia carry on dancing around, laughing. Their bus actually pulls up and all of them pile out, running towards us. They all start dancing around with us, smiling. A few people video us because they recognised the boys. Luke, to my surprise, picks me up and twirls me around. As he drops me down delicately we both laugh.

"Right we'll see you boys later!" I laugh as me and Lilia race off leaving them panting. As we both run towards the hotel we hear people shout things like, "Are they dating?" or "Who are they?" which just makes us laugh even more. Lilia and Calum were dancing like they were going out so I guess people just jumped to conclusions.

"Oh my life." I pant as we arrive back at the hotel.

"Bloody....Epic." Lilia laughs exhaustedly.

"Right, drinks while we get ready?" I ask.

"Champagne, please." I nod and go and order a bottle of champagne.

When we get back to the room, I take a bubble bath while Lilia sits on the toilet talking to me.

"I've met Luke once and am already in love with him." I chuckle as I take a sip of champagne.

"Calum freaking Hood." Lilia laughs as she paints her nails.

"I'm so excited for tonight!" I squeal.

"Urgh I know! I literally just wanna see Calum!" she smirks.

"Right come on, lets get changed!" I laugh and then get out the bath.

At 6:00 we walk to reception fully glammed up. (Lilia in white, Lola in pink. Ignore faces and hair styles)


Lilia had put her blonde hair into a cute bun, whereas I had my golden brown hair curled into perfect beach waves. We'd both done brown smoky eyes and a nude lip. I was ecstatic by the time we reached reception. We were about to order a taxi when a familiar voice calls to us.

"Lilia Lola!" Calum shouts. I turn my head to see the four boys standing, show ready, at the front door. Loads of screaming fans stand outside with banners and all sorts.

"Hey boys." I smile as we walk over.

"You two look lovely." Luke smiles back, his eyes holding my stare.

"Wanna ride with us?" Ashton asks.

"If that's okay." Lilia says politely.

"Of course it is, although we're pretty loud before a concert." Michael laughs.

"Okay then." I giggle.

"Lola, walk with me." Luke grins as he rests a firm hand on the middle of my back. Calum says the same to Lilia and they walk outside together. When we all get outside the fans go ballistic and scream. The boys take a few selfies and sign a few things along the way to the bus.

"Are you dating Luke?!" A bitchy looking girls snaps.

"No comment." I smile sweetly and then walk away leaving her in disgust. What is these peoples deal? Jeeeeez louiseeee.

"Lola!" Luke calls as he walks back over to me.

"Hey Luke." I smile. He guides me towards the tour bus and we all pile in. Me and Lilia sit on one of the little sofas together, chatting away while the boys warm up.

"You'll crush it!" Lilia laughs as we drive towards the venue.

"Hope so." Calum sighs as he takes a gulp from a water bottle.

"Oh my god, we need a selfies!" Ashton squeals in a fake girly voice which makes everyone chuckle.

We make one of the assistants take photos of us. One of them has me and Lilia lying horizontally in their arms, laughing a riot. Then there's one of me and Luke together smiling at each other like three year olds in a candy shop. After 45 minutes of traveling we arrived at the arena. Luke took me by the hand to led me to back stage. Me and Lilia were going to be watching from the side of the stage where they run onto the stage from.

After chatting away and laughing a lot, "Five Seconds Of Summer." is introduced and four excited boys run onto stage. The arena fills with excited screams and even me and Lilia scream a bit in support.

"Hey guys, how ya'll all doing tonight?" Luke smiles cheekily.

"Right shall we start boys?" Michael laughs after the screams go down.

"LETS GOOO!" Ashton shouts and then the bass drops and the heart rate level rockets up. After over an hour of then singing non stop they take a fifth teen minute break.

"You guys killed it!" Lilia laughs.

"Thanks Lils." Calum smiles.

"Wanna come on stage with us?" Luke grins.

"What?!" I laugh nervously.

"Yeah! Come on Lilia you're in aren't you?!" Michael says excitedly.

"Hell yeah!" She laughs. Everyone looks at me expectantly until finally I cave.

"Urgh fine!" I moan and then start laughing with Lilia.

"Oh my god Lola you have to sing with Luke!" Lilia bursts.

"What?!" I laugh confused.

"Seriously, honestly guys she's amazing. I'm not just saying it because she's my best friend." She grins.

"Great idea! What do you say Lola? Duet with me?" Luke smiles.

"What would we sing?" I stress.

"We could sing a cover of something?" Luke offers. I smirk and then they all erupt in cheer.

"Right Guys, we've got a surprise for you! Luke's singing a duet with a guess." Ashton shouts as he runs on stage. Everyone takes their place as I start shaking.

"You'll crush it." Luke says, taking my hand.

"You've never heard me sing." I challenge. He winks and then reluctantly follow him onto stage.


"Hey guys, this is Lola." I say into the microphone.

"Hey guys." She laughs lightly.

"This is Secret Love Song by Little Mix." I smile and then the boys start playing the music.

The cowed start screaming as the music starts but when Lola starts to sing the first line, the crowed go silent. I find my self staring, gob smacked, at how amazing she sounds. It was effortless how perfect she sounded: hitting every note perfectly. People put lighters in the air and started swaying in time with the music. I start singing with Lola when Jason Derulo's part comes in and honestly it felt like the world stopped. Time stopped. I just kept staring into her ocean blue eyes and found my self getting lost in them. I can't stop smiling as I sing with her and she's smiling as well. Through the whole song we're holding eye contact. When it ends the crowed erupt louder than I have ever heard. My manager is smiling broadly from the side lines.

"That was epic." I laugh which gets another wave of excitement from the crowed.

"That it was, Hemmings." She laughs breathlessly.

"Okay guys. I hope you enjoyed the show and we'll see you guys soon!" Calum cheers as we take a bow while Lola hurries off the stage so we can have our moment. Lilia and Lola are hugging and laughing when we all pile off the stage.

"Lola you were amazing!" Everyone says astonished.

"Thanks." She smiles shyly as she blushes crimson.

"Back to the hotel for drinks?" Michael asks.

"Yeah." Lilia laughs and then grabs Lola's arm, pulling her away.

"Fucking wow." Ashton smirks and then slaps me hard on the back.

"Good luck boys, they're going to be hard to tame!" Michael teases and then him and Ashton jog over to the girl.

"Promise we're in this together?" Calum huffs as he puts his fist up, still staring straight ahead.

"Always bro." I breathe and pump his fist.

We walk to where they're all waiting and then together we all walk out. The sound of screaming fans deafens us as we walk towards the tour bus. For ten minutes me and the boys are taking photos with the fans and signing things. The boys and I expected the girls to be waiting but they were preoccupied signing things and selfying as well. I guess they've been noticed.

"Are you dating Lola?!" one girl beams.

"No comment." I wink and walk over to Lola.

"Look who has fans." I tease grabbing her by the waist.

"Jealous?" she challenges.

"Nahhh." I shrug playfully. I kiss her forehead which gets the fans even more riled up.

"Oi love birds, lets go." Lilia shouts from the bus. I smirk and then me and Lola walk hand in hand back to the bus. 


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