Lola was just a normal girl until she meets Luke Hemmings, 1/4 of 5SOS. Crazy events happen and Lola ends up touring with him! Will love blossom under the public eye? Read to find out!

*I'm not very good at these so just read the first chapter, I promise you wont be disappointed! I've put a lot of effort into this movella.*


1. ONE

All day Lilia has been going on and on about the concert tickets she'd brought. They were for an Australia boy band on the rise or something. By the end of the day, I was emotionally drained and bored of hearing it.

"Lilia! If I agree to go will you please shut it!" I snap playfully.

"Yes, yes. A million times yes! This is going to be so much fun Lola!" She cheers and hugs me goodbye. Mentally I roll my eyes at her enthusiasm but I can't help but laugh at her excitement. As she gets into her mums Mercedes, I walk towards my home. A 3 story house that stands on its own. Realistically it's quiet helpful because with my parents volatile arguments, the noise complaints would be horrendous.

I kick my Chuck Taylors of as I walk through the door. My parents are screaming at each other in the kitchen so I decide to hide in my room. They always have something to argue about. Whether it's about bills or who left crumbs on the work top. Pathetic and sad is the technical term for it.  To my surprise, divorce hasn't come up yet although I think  it would be beneficial for all of us. When I get into my room, I dump my bag on the floor and dive onto my bed. Hugo, the family cat, had sought refuge under the pillows on my double bed.

"Hey Hugo." I chuckle as his grey fur brushes up against my face. Most cats are total dicks but Hugo thinks he's a dog. Honestly, he is the friendliest cat you'll ever meet. Sometimes I think he's my only real friend in this twisted world. I love Lilia and all but she has no idea what it's like. She has the perfect life: two happily married parents, perfect grades, a pony called Princess and a 9 figured number in her bank account. Where as I have two angry parents, suffering grades, no pony and have 100 pounds in my personal bank account. God sure does have a funny way of expressing love towards me. At 7 o'clock I answer the 100th face time call of Lilia.

"Hey Lils." I smile.

"Don't you Lils me Lola! Why haven't you answered my calls?" she stresses.

"I've been busy..." I'm interrupted by loud shouts and bangs from downstairs.

"You told me they stooped Lola!" she whines. I look down and fiddle with my thumbs.

"Emergency sleep over?" she smirks.

"I'll be over in twenty!" I laugh and end the call. Hurriedly, I shove clothes into a duffel bag and grab Hugo. It's become a tradition that when we sleep at each others houses, Hugo is always there. I think it started when I left him home while I was at Lilia's and I found him hiding behind my bed petrified. Yep, my parents are that scary and disruptive.

I bundle down the stairs, throwing my Chuck Taylors on when my mum storms out the kitchen.

"Where are you going Lola?" she says worriedly.

"I'm sleeping at Lilia's tonight." I reply, keeping myself busy with my shoe laces.

"What, why?" she says as if she really doesn't understand why I'm practically running away from them two.

"Because I have school tomorrow and will never get any sleep with you two arguing like that." I snap and then slam the door on my way out. Hugo is nestled in my arms as we walk towards the bus stop. While I wait I decide to go into the road side shop to get some snacks for me and Lils. There's a massive couch thing with black out windows outside the shop. I shrug and walk into the shop. The little bell rings and four tired looking faces shoot up. I ignore them and go to the back of the shop where the sweets are. Grabbing strawberry laces and Haribo, I walk towards the till.

"Excuse me can I pet the cat?" A tanned boy smiles.

"Sure, they you go." I smile and hand him Hugo.

"What's his name?" Another boy asks as he joins him.

"Hugo." I laugh.

"Well, I'm Luke, this is Michael, Ashton and Calum." Luke smiles as Hugo purrs.

"Lola." I nod as I shove the sweets into my bag. The names sounded familiar but not for the life could I remember where from. The four tired boys all surround Hugo giving him fuss.

"Hey, that's my bus. I gotta go." I laugh taking Hugo back.

"Okay, see ya around Lola." Calum smiles warmly. I nod and then walk out the shop.

While I sit in the bus I can't stop thinking how weird that was. My mind was racing until finally I arrived at Lilia's street. I push the episode that just occurred to the back of my mind and nock on Lilia's massive front door. Her house was literally a mansion and it even had a pool. Luckily, her parents really like me and often offer, during the holidays, if I want to stay with them so I get a break from my parents.

"Hugo!" Lilia smiles as she rips him from my grasp.

"Oh I'm fine. thanks for asking." I tease.

"Oh yeah, hey Lolo." She smirks putting Hugo to her face and fussing him.

"Hello, Lola." Mrs James smiles as she walks down the marble stair case, head to toe in Chanel. She has a fancy pale pink dress suit on and is wearing her expensive pearls.

"Good evening, Mrs James." I smile back.

"Oh Lola, call me Sydney for heavens sake." She laughs as she gives me a friendly hug.

"Okay. Thanks for letting me stay... Sydney." I say, grinning.

"Me and Charlie are going out for an hour or so, keep an eye on Liam."  Sydney says as she puts the coat on that Charlie is holding out for her.

"Have fun girls, nice to see you Lola." Charlie, Lilia's dad, smiles.

"Hey Mr James." I laugh lightly.

"Call me Charlie, you're practically family." He chuckles and then they walk out arm in arm.  My body goes all warm with pride after he says that.

"Oh don't look so smug." Lilia teases as we walk into their glamorous kitchen. Hugo sits happily on the kitchen table, observing me and Lilia making hot chocolate. After an hour of siting at the breakfast table chatting up a storm Liam, Lilia's 14 year old brother, walks in.

"Hey Lola." he mumbles as he stumbles to the fridge.

"Well you look positively dreadful, fortnight keeping you up late?" I laugh.

"I'm not ready for your mockery or sarcasm." he says as he downs milk straight from the carton.

"You're disgusting, Liam." Lilia complains.

"And you're such a princess yourself are you?" he challenges.

"Go back to your room you vile human being." she snaps and then he dramatically rolls his eyes and leaves.

"That boy will be the death of me." Lilia laughs as we walk to the games room. I jump onto a bean bag with Hugo on my lap.

"Liam is going to have all the ladies, Lilia." I smirk.

"Only the slutty ones. Did I tell you that that Rosie Cherry girl sent him nudes!" she exclaims as she jumps onto the opposite bean bag.

"What did he do?" I laugh.

"Well he told her she was gross and to have more self respect. Then he jerked off." she rolls her eyes as I'm hunch over crying my eyes out.

"I freaking love that kid!" I say composing myself as I wipe my eyes.

"Have him." she says disgusted.

"Oh come on then who would you prank?" I smile giving her a playful punch on the arm.

"On another topic..... THE CONCERT!" She nearly screams.

"Oh yeah, when is that?"

"On Saturday in London. My mum booked us at the Hilton for the weekend."

"Your parents are legends." I smile excitedly. We watch T.V until 11pm and then we go up to her room. I change into my PJs and put my long golden brown hair into a braid. Lilia grabs extra pillows and then we both dive into her double bed. We've been best friends for so long that we literally are so open with each other. Like I could walk around the room naked and be completely comfortable with it.

"I love you Lilia." I smile.

"I love you too Lola." she grins and then she turns the light off, leaving us in a comfortable dark silence.

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