Lola was just a normal girl until she meets Luke Hemmings, 1/4 of 5SOS. Crazy events happen and Lola ends up touring with him! Will love blossom under the public eye? Read to find out!

*I'm not very good at these so just read the first chapter, I promise you wont be disappointed! I've put a lot of effort into this movella.*




When we get back to the hotel we all go into a private room. There were a few tables and then a stage. Luke had an idea about us sleeping in here so me and Lilia race back to our room. We change into our PJs and take our make up off. I had my pale blue silk PJs on that Lilia had brought me. They were short shorts and then a baggy tank top that had a low cut V-neck. Lilia had her favourite PJ set on from Victoria Secret. They were pink shorts and a baggy thin cropped grey hoodie.

"Ready?" I giggle as we both leave our room.

"Yep!" she giggles back and then we walk down stairs in our PJs and converse.

We meet Michael and Calum at reception where they're arranging a load of blankets and pillows to be dropped off at the private room. They're both wearing sweats and a baggy hoodie. When Calum sees Lilia's skinny figure being shown off his jaw nearly drops. I wink at him and leave with Michael towards the room.

"You were really good tonight, Lola." Michael laughs.

"So were you! How you're able to play song after song like that is beyond me." I chuckle. He holds the door open for me as we arrive at the room.

"Hey!" I smile as we enter.

"Hey Lola." Luke and Ashton smile.

"So what are we gonna do?" I laugh.

"We'll come up with something." Ashton chuckles.

If I'm honest I was surprised that me or Lilia hadn't totally freaked out. These boys were famous for god sake and me and Lilia just treated them like normal people. Well, realistically, they are normal people just well known. 

"Come on take a selfies with me!" I smirk and drag the boys into my camera's eye line. We take a few photos and then I release them. My phone had been going off all day because my 'friends' from back home was all asking me to get them autographs or give them their number. Obviously I said no and blocked messages on nearly everything. Mine and Lilia's followers on practically everything had shot up and we were both nearly at 1 million followers already! It was blowing my mind completely.

When Calum and Lilia get back with loads of sleep stuff we set camp up and get comfy. Michael turns the little lamps on so its a dimly lit room. I sit with my legs over Luke while Lilia has her head on Calum's lap. Michael and Ashton lie opposite us smiling.

"Hey, guys, how come we're actually here?" Lilia says casually.

"Because Lilia, one night your parents got busy and then.." Luke laughs but she interrupts him.

"No like, why have you befriended us and being so nice."

"I don't really know." Ashton shrugs.

"I guess you've been the only people to see us as well, people." Michaels says.

"I just thought you were beautiful so I had to know you." Calum chuckles. I look at Lilia who's blushing and grinning.

"What about you Luke, why have you befriended us?" I challenge.

"You aren't fake. Plus I needed to know you so you would know who I was next time." he winks.

"Sorry about that." I pull a dramatic regretful face and laugh.

"How long are you two in London?" Calum asks.

"We go tomorrow." I frown. Lilia's happy expression is quickly replaced with a sad one.

"Damn." Ashton mutters.

"I have the best idea!" Michael says shooting up. We all rather confused as we stare up at him.

"Come on tour with us!" He says.

"Huh?" Lilia sits up and crosses her legs.

"That could work! Lola singing and Lilia... can you sing?" Luke says excitedly.

"Yeah but not as good as Lola." she shrugs.

"Lilia and Lola, opening act!" Calum stands up ecstatic. Michael runs out the room dialling some number and with in a few seconds his running back in.

"HE SAID YES!" Michael shouts. We all start screaming and dancing around while Luke puts on some loud music.

"I can't believe this!" I say as a huge pearly white smile spreads across my face.

"Believe it baby!" Luke laughs spinning me around.

All night we dance and laugh until eventually we all fall asleep. I wake up with my head on Luke's abs and my legs over Lilia.

"Shit what time is it?" Calum yawns as he walk over from where he passed out on the stage.

"Better question: Why were you on the stage?" Michael says sleepily as he sits up.

"Beats me." Calum shrugs.

"I'm starving." Lilia whines as she brushes my legs off he.

"Same." I yawn as I sit up, crossing my legs.

"Shall we just go in with PJs on?" Luke chuckles.

"I'm down for that." Ashton says as he stands up.

"Lets go before I starve to death." Michael says as we all start standing up. I pull my white converse on before Luke helps me up. While we walk too the restaurant I throw my hair into a messy pony tail, Lilia does the same. Surprisingly, there are still fans waiting outside for us.

"Dedication o another level." I laugh.

"Loyal and loving." Calum chuckles. Ashton and Luke wave at them and they all start waving and smiling back.

We all get a table together and start scoffing the buffet. I sit next to Lilia and Michael, with Luke opposite me. During breakfast their manager, Chris, introduces himself and tell us the plan.

"Okay, so I've contacted your parents and they're all on board. You both have to do some sort of studying for an hour or two a day though." Chris winks.

"Thank you so much Chris." Lilia smiles.

"No thank you! My phones been going crazy with contacting deals and all sorts because of you two girls!" he laughs and then leaves us to finish our food.

"What do you wanna do today?" Ashton asks as he shovels pancakes into his gob.

"I don't mind." I smile.

"How about we make it up as we go along?" Lilia laughs.

"Now that's a genius plan." Calum winks.

When we're all finished we separate to go and get ready. Non stop me and Lilia chat excitedly. When we're finished we meet smiley boys down by reception.

Lilia's outfit and hair style:

Lola's outfit and her hair is matching with Lilia's. She has wedgy high heel boots on that go just past the ankle.




"Hey Lola." Luke smiles as I give him a friendly hug.

"Right, where to?" Ashton says, slapping his hands together.

"Winging it, remember?" Lilia giggles as Calum put a heavy arm around her shoulder.

"Right." he laughs and then walks out the front door with Michael. Luke also puts his arm around my shoulder as we walk out the hotel. The girls outside all start screaming and taking photos. I notice one girl getting a really artsy photo of me and Luke.

"Hey can I see that?" I smile as I walk over to the curly haired girl.

"Urgh yeah yeah sure." She stutters and hands me her camera.

"These are amazing! Can you send them to me?" I ask.

"Oh my gosh! Yes of course!" She beams.

"Thank you." I give her a warm smile and hurry back to Luke.

"What was that about?" he chuckles, placing his arm back over my shoulder.

"She took a really good photo of us and I asked if she'd send it to me." I laugh at how ridiculous I sound.

"Oh okay Mother Teresa." he teases.

"Shut up." I snap playfully.

We follow close behind everyone else as we roam the streets of London. Multiple times we had to stop and take photos which sort of got annoying but it was still fun. Constantly though, we were asked if me and Lilia were dating Calum and Luke and we kept replying with stuff like, "no comment" and "is that a duck?!"

After a few hours of walking, drinking coffee and chatting around London, we find ourselves back at the hotel. Chris is instantly at our sides as we walk through the double glass doors.

"Oh good you're here!" he says, taking a sip of coffee.

"We need to have a meeting, be in the room you were last night in five minutes." he commands and then disappears.

"I'm pooped." I laugh lightly.

"I could sleep for days." Luke chuckles as he pulls me into a lazy hug. I look up, smiling.

"Two minutes!" Chris shouts and then we all hurry to the room.

"Right so we've adapted your names girls. Your stage names are Lilia- Blue and Lola-Jones." He says hurriedly. I look over to Lilia who just shrugs and smirks.

"The girls are opening the show and then Lola-Jones is dueting with Luke." He talks over billions of pieces of paper.

"Show is at 8 and its 4 o'clock now. Get songs sorted for the duets. I'm trusting you so don't screw it up. Be back here for 6:30 to be restyled." He barks and then leaves the room.

"Anyone get any of that?" Ashton laughs.

"Nope." Luke sniggers.

"Right we'll leave you girls to come up with something and we'll be back in thirty to see what you've got." Michael winks and then they leave us in the private room.

"Well hello, Lola Jones." Lilia teases.

"Oh hello there, Lilia Blue." I laugh.

"This is bonkers." she sighs.

"Too right!" I say and then we get back to work. After thirty minutes the boys are back and have sat themselves like a judging panel in front of the little stage. Lilia laughs and then turns the music on. We'd chosen a song by Shawn Mendes called 'Never be alone.' We sing the song perfectly and are smiling proudly when we finish. The boys give us a standing ovation and sneakily Chris had over heard but said we sounded great though.

"Your turn!" I laugh kicking Luke out his seat.

"Yep we want our own little show. GO!" Lilia cheers as she kicks Calum out his seat too. Laughing, they all go up to the stage and start singing a few of their songs. When they finish me and Lilia start screaming and applauding to hype them up.

"Right everyone out be back in half hour." Luke barks as me and him plonk ourselves onto the stage. My feet dangle off the edge as we talk song choices.

"Well what mood should we create?" I ask.

"Either we want to make them cry or get them going wild." he chuckles.

"Shall we do a sad one seems it'll be the last song of the show?"

"Okay what song?" he smiles grabbing his phone.

"Lego House Ed Sheeran!" I say shooting up.

"Perfect!" he laughs and then we rehearse. Time flies and before we know it we're showing the boys, Lilia and Chris the final piece.

"You're killing it guys!" Chris chuckles, slapping his hands together.

"Lola Jones you amaze me!" Lilia smiles, giving me a squeeze.

"Lilia- Blue you're too kind!" I giggle.

"Right time to get show ready!" Chris shouts and then a glam squad storm in, shoving us into seats and doing their magic.

After an hour in hair and make up, I was slipping my outfit on. They'd done a light glowey make up look and put mine and Lilia's hair into two tight Dutch braids.

(Lilia in the black shorts, she also has knee high black high heeled boots. Lola in romper with black gladiator type high heels.)


Quickly, the time passes as we chat in the tour buss. Calum and Michael are deep in conversation about tonight as me, Luke, Lilia and Ashton chat excitedly.


"I can't believe we're doing this!" I laugh squeezing Lilia's hand.

"So crazy!" she grins.

"We've said 'crazy' at lease 100 times now." I smirk.

"Well it is!" Lilia laughs.

"We're here!" Ashton yells excitedly and then we all bundle out. I walk towards the arena hand in hand with Luke while Lilia does the same with Calum. A few selfies and autographs later we're getting ready to preform.

"You got this!" Luke chuckles at my nerves.

"What if I screw up!" I stress as he gives me a cuddle.

"You're gonna kill it!" Calum says as he pulls Lilia into a hug as well.

"Come on Lola Jones, we have a show to kick off!" Lilia smirks and then hand in hand we walk on stage.


"Hey guys!" Lola laughs into the microphone as the crowed goes wild. Me and the boys watch proudly as the girls stand on stage. We snap chat the whole thing.

"So this is Lilia- Blue, my best friend." she laughs, "And I'm Lola-Jones."

"We're gonna kick start this gig, is that okay with you guys?" Lilia smiles and gets a roaring yes from the crowed.

"Okay then, ready Lola-Jones?" she smirks.

"Always, Lilia- Blue." She giggles and then the song starts. The girls sing 'Never Be Alone.' beautifully and captivate the crowed. They are amazing singers. I'm lost in admiration when Lola starts talking normally.

"Thank for such a warm welcome, guys!" She says excitedly.

"Now get ready for FIVE SECONDS OF SUMMER!" they cheer together and hurry of stage. Before I can even say anything the boys and I are running onto the stay full of adrenaline. We sing for over an hour until it's time for mine and Lola's duet.

"I'd like to invite a special friend on stage, she's really amazing." I chuckle nervously. I look over at Lola and she mouths, "Now" so I smile and nod my head. When she appears the crowed starts going crazy and screaming her name.

"I'm back!" she laughs.

"So guys, you ready for one last song?" I grin, receiving screams from enthusiastic fans. The boys start the music and then the arena falls silent. Lola starts singing and everyone is just in complete awe. I start joining in and the whole time we're both smiling at occasionally holding each others stare.

She starts:

I'm gonna pick up the pieces
 And build a Lego house
 If things go wrong we can knock it down

My three words have two meanings
 There's one thing on my mind
 It's all for you

And then I join in at:

And it's dark in a cold December,
 But I've got you to keep me warm
 If you're broken I will mend you
 And keep you sheltered from the storm that's raging on now

I'm out of touch, I'm out of love
 I'll pick you up when you're getting down
 And out of all these things I've done
 I think I love you better now.

Through out the rest of the song we sing together or drop out at random times to let each other have a moment. When we finish the crowed go crazy chanting our names. Lola gave me a massive hug because of how proud of herself, us, she was. To my surprise Lola even gives me a peck on the lips and the crowed go even more wild.

"Okay guys!" Lola cheers as the rest of the crew run on stage with Lilia on Calum's back laughing.

"Thank you and good night London!" Ashton shouts and then the lights go out and the crowed erupts in a mass of cheering.

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