Lola was just a normal girl until she meets Luke Hemmings, 1/4 of 5SOS. Crazy events happen and Lola ends up touring with him! Will love blossom under the public eye? Read to find out!

*I'm not very good at these so just read the first chapter, I promise you wont be disappointed! I've put a lot of effort into this movella.*



"Night guys." I laugh as me and Lilia walk to our room. The boys were heading off to bed after hours of us hitting all the major clubs in London.

"I'm bringing Hugo on tour." I chuckle as I strip and change into my PJs.

"Urgh I miss Liam." She sighs.

"Never in my laugh did I think you'd say that!"

"Shut up." she grumbles as she slides into her bed.

"Love you." I tease and she sticks her middle finger up at me. I start laughing because she's submerged in blankets and all you could see was a hand shoot up. I jump into bed and before I know it I'm in a coma like sleep.


I shoot up when Luke starts jumping on my bed. Calum does the same to Lilia and Ashton and Michael are singing and shouting.

"What the hell is wrong with you idiots." Lilia snaps, pulling her duvet over her head. I groan and collapse back onto my bed.

"Come on! Chris said if we get on the road by 9 we'll have time to stop back at your houses." Aston laughs and then me and Lilia spring out of bed. Without thinking I change into fresh clothes and the boys, out of respect, quickly turn to face the other way. (Lola's outfit and white adidas super stars)

"Here, Lils. This is yours." I say throwing her a lip gloss. In the next two minutes me an Lilia are dressed and packed.

"That was quick." Luke chuckles.

"Here carry this for me." I laugh and shove a suit case into his hands.

"The things I do." he mutters and I wink playfully at him. As we all reach the bottom of the stair case, we see a heard of excited girls outside. When they see that Luke is holding my suit case they go absolutely wild.

"What the actual hell." I laugh.

"You two are trending!" Michael teases showing me his phone. The hash tag 'Lula' is all over twitter and instagram.

"Awh you have a ship name!" Lilia says excitedly.

"Don't get too cocky. Yours and Cal's ship name is on the rise. Lilum." Luke chuckles. Calum smirks and kisses Lilia on the cheek which makes her blush crimson.

When we walk outside everyone goes crazy and a few girls have mine and Luke's ship name on massive posters. I giggle as Luke wraps a muscular arm around my waist. He whispers something in my ear which makes me laugh hysterically.

"Oh my god, Luke!" I chuckle as I compose myself.

"What!" he smirks. We get into the tour bus and all get comfortable.

"Right okay guys, we'll make a stop at the girls' place and then we're going up to Scotland for another tour." Chris smiles as he claps his hands together.

The car ride was entertaining to say the least. Even though mine and Luke's relationship wasn't official, we still acted like a couple. We hadn't snogged yet but we hugged and all that jazz. I felt like I was in year seven again when all dating was so new to me.

"Lola Jones, what are you thinking about?" Lilia smirks at me. I lift my head off the window and smile at her.

"This is absolutely crazy Lils."

"Tell me about it!" She laughs as she takes a seat next to me. Luke, Calum and Ashton were playing X box in another section of the tour bus while Michael was taking a nap. For the rest of the car journey we chat happily and when I start noticing familiar streets my heart skips a beat. I missed Hugo's little purrs and friendly nature. A big grin takes over my face as we pull up out of the diner me and Lilia had being going too sine we were 12. As soon as we pull up I jump out the bus, followed by an equally excited Lilia.

"We're home!" She laughs as we give each other a tight hug.

"Right Luke go with Lola and help her pack, Cal do the same for Lilia. Michael and Ashton can do some autographs." Chris says as he starts dialling numbers.

"Come on!" I squeal as I grab Luke by the hand and drag him towards my broken home.

"Just a warning, my parents aren't nice people." I whisper to Luke as I ring the door bell. After a few seconds of waiting anxiously on the porch the door swings open to a moody mother.

"Oh.... Come in then." She says as she turns back on her heals. It hurt a bit that she didn't even greet me properly but I didn't expect any less. Luke puts a reassuring arm around my waist and then we walk in.

"I'm here Lo. Say the word and we're out." Luke says in a hushed voice. I kiss his cheek and then we walk into the kitchen where my parents are waiting.

"Hello Lola, I missed you." My dad smiles as he gives me an awkward hug.

"Sure you did." My mother mutters. I roll my eyes and introduce Luke.

"So this is the guy that stole our daughter." My father chuckles uncomfortably.

"Dad!" I snap.

"I'm joking.... Don't talk to me like that." He snaps back.

"Okay we're done here. I'll get my stuff and leave." I huff and drag Luke away.

"Lola...Lola! Are you okay?" Luke asks as we enter my room.

"I'm fine." I smile wiping a few stray tears away.

"Come here." He sighs giving me a tight hug.

"I'm sorry about my parents. Their dysfunctional t say the least." I chuckle as I pull away.

"No need to apologies." He smile kissing my forehead. I smile back and start shoving make up, clothes and a few novelty items into a suitcase.

"Bye." I shout as I slam the door behind me. If they don't care about me, I want care about them. I roll my shoulders back and cheer up. I'm leaving and I never have to come back again. When we get back to the coach Lilia has a fury animal in her hands.

"Hugo!" I shout as I sprint over to him and scoop him up. I nestle my face in his fur as he purrs lovingly. God I missed him!

"Saddle up, we're leaving in two!" Chris shouts from the door of the coach.

"Come on guys. Scotland here we come!" Michael cheers and then we all bundle into the coach. Scotland get ready.... 5SOS, Lila Blue and Lola Jones are coming for you!


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