Country Girl

Sierra Taylor was born and Nashville, TN, until her mother has to move to Australia for her job during the summer when she turns 16. It turns out her neighbor is a boy named Ashton, and is in a band called 5sos. Who knows what could happen.


2. The Move

          I looked out of the plane window, above the clouds, and away from my home, Oklahoma. We were heading to Australia, where my mom was offered an amazing job, and an opportunity at a new life. At first I was sad about leaving my friends, but then I thought, what friends? Not to be self depressing or anything, I mean I had a few, they were all fake, but they were somewhat friends. I was taken out of my thoughts when my mother shook me. "30 minutes." She said happily. My mother was extremely excited. I couldn't tell if it was for a new chance at a new life, or to get away from my father, who she divorced around 5 years ago. After he left he barley talked to us, unless he needed us. I looked down at the world, so small. 

 Soon enough we were at the steps of our new home. It was a normally sized, 4 bedroom home, even though we only needed two rooms, my mother wanted two spare rooms. It was different from my old home, but it was nice. I looked to my left, to see another home slightly different from mine, there was a boy with somewhat curly brown hair in his garage setting up drums. He looked around my age. I turned to realize my mom had already left me. I ran inside, and ran up to the room I choose. It was empty, obviously. I started to get to work, putting my bed into place first. Around an hour later my mother walked in my room smiling like a mad woman. "What?" I asked. "Well I went to the neighbors, apparently they're doing a barbecue, and invited us, along with they're other friends." She smiled. "oh cool! Maybe i'll make some friends?" I figured since the boy was there he might have friends there too. My mother happily bobbed her head up and down. "That sounds amazing darlin!!!" She smiled in an extreme country accent. I've never seen her this happy and it was making me happy to see her this way. 

A couple hours passed, and I was all ready to go see the neighbors. I was dressed in a white crop top and light blue ripped skinny jeans. My hair was in light curls that perfectly showed off my blonde hair and I was ready. 

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