Country Girl

Sierra Taylor was born and Nashville, TN, until her mother has to move to Australia for her job during the summer when she turns 16. It turns out her neighbor is a boy named Ashton, and is in a band called 5sos. Who knows what could happen.


3. Meeting the Boys

We knocked on the door to the neighbors house. A kind woman opened the door and instantly started chatting with my mom. "You can head to the back, all the boys are there." She smiled to me. "Thank you!!" I smiled back and headed out the sliding door that lead to the back. I could see four teenage boys on a trampoline. They were all laughing and smiling. One of their heads snapped and made eye contact with me. "Hello!" He said in a thick Australian accent. He had dark curly brown hair, and he was wearing a nirvana t- shirt. I smiled and walked over to the trampoline. "Hi! I'm Sierra, I live next door to, i think you." I pointed to the boy with curly dirty blonde hair and he instantly smiled. "I'm Ashton." He said giggling. "C'mon up, we don't bite! Well.. Michael might." A boy with blonde hair and blue eyes laughed, and they all looked over to a boy with bright green hair, who i'm assuming is Michael. His face turned bright red and he looked down. "I- I don't" He said hushed. I hopped on, and sat next to the boy with curly hair. "I guess its my turn, I'm luke!" Luke smiled. Everyone looked to the boy with dark hair as he spoke, "Im Calum." He smiled. I looked to Michael, who was on the other side of me. "I'm Michael." He smiled to me, and held his hand for me to shake, which I gladly did. "Well nice to meet you sir Michael." We all started laughing. "We were playing truth or dare before you got here, but now i'm curious about you." Luke smiled, "Well, i'm pretty boring. I was born and raised in america, Oklahoma to be exact, and my mom just decided to move here." I chirped. They all were smiling. "Oklahoma? That's cool!" Ashton looked to me and smiled. "Ok lets play truth or dare again." Calum said. "Ok, i'll go first. Ashton Truth or dare." Luke looked to ash. "Dare." Ashton smiled bravely. "I dare you to jump in the pool." Luke smirked. Before anyone could even think, Ash threw himself out of the trampoline and into the pool. We all began to cry laughing, Ash ended up staying in the pool because it was nearly completely dark and cold. Calum looked to me. "Truth or dare country girl." He giggled. "Dare." I smiled. Did i just say dare? "I dare you to jump in with Ash!!" Cal laughed. My head was telling me no, but before it could convince me, I was jumping into Ashton's arms in the pool. We laughed, until my head hurt. Ashton's mom came out and scolded him, and we all sat around a fire she made. We roasted marshmallows, Calum stuck one in Luke's hair, and we told stories of our childhood. These guys made me feel so at home and safe. I felt Michael's eyes on me so I looked up. "Are you cold?" He asked me. "Honestly freezing." I told him and laughed a little. He handed me his flannel and extended his arm so i could snuggle into his side. I ended up falling asleep there, and waking up in my empty room the next day. 

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