Secret Baby Hero(Link’s Point Of View)


7. The Sword In The Stone


(NICOLE) : the girl's name

"How the heck do you get around so fast Link? Please tell me!" (NICOLE) asked right as we were about to put in the stones.

"Fine...I'll tell you." I said a little nervously.

"I have an item called the wind waker that lets me conduct the wind. I can use it to create cyclones and warp to different places. I can only warp there if I know the address, what the place looks like, or if I've been there before though." I said. Then I took out the wind waker and as I did (NICOLE) looked like she was about to faint.

"Come on (NICOLE) let's not get too distracted and put in the stones." I said and we went over.

I placed the gems onto the stands and suddenly the door opened, and there was a room behind it.

"Come On Link! Let's go see what's in there!" She said.

"Yeah!" I said and we headed in.

The room was big, dark and there was a window shining a light onto a sword in a stone!

"Oh my gosh! Look at that!" (NICOLE) said.

"Yeah. It looks like there's a sword in that stone." I said.

"I bet you could pull it up." She said.

She is INSANE! There is no way I could pull up that sword! I thought so I rolled my eyes and said "Of course not (NICOLE)!"

"Come on Link do it for me!" She pleaded.

" Oh fine... but only if you close your eyes." I said a little sheepishly.

" Sure. Actually I don't mind going back to the other room. I promise I won't peak. I'll even take out the stones so the door will close if you want." (NICOLE) said and then she winked at me. I rolled his eyes again and said "No you don't need to take out the stones. I trust you.", and then she walked into the next room.

I stood there wondering if I could pull up the sword. "Come on! At least give it a try." I told myself and then walked up to the sword.

I slowly reached out and grabbed it. My hands were shaking a little cause I was nervous. I got a good grip on the sword and started to pull. I was pulling really hard at first cause I thought there was no way I could pull up the sword, but as soon as I started pulling the sword just slipped out! I immediately fell back and suddenly everything went black.

When I came to I was shocked at what had happened! I was suddenly dressed in a heroic outfit that was a green tunic, hat, brown boots, gauntlets and a lot more. I even had an earring!!

I also had a shield as well as the sword I had pulled up.

Suddenly (NICOLE) rushed in and screamed "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?! YOU DID IT!!! See I told you that you could do it."

I started saying "Yeah I know..." when suddenly we heard a voice from the next room call out "OH THOU WHO PULLED OUT THE SWORD PLEASE COME TO ME!" So we rushed into the room.

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