Secret Baby Hero(Link’s Point Of View)


9. The Path To Clock Town, Horse, And Mask Salesman

I had a feeling that the journey coming up was going to be big and dangerous so I went back to my house and gout my shield, bow, quiver, and arrows.

Then I took out the map that Impa had given me and looked at it.

The path to Clock Town was through a giant forest.

The forest was called the lost woods and I think I have been there before. I took out the wind waker to see if I could use it to warp to the forest. Luckily it worked.

I started walking down the path searching everywhere for the doorway to Clock Town. I heard a few noises coming from the trees(including weird laughter) that could’ve been the skull kid.

When I finally found the door that lead to Clock Town I got off Epona, left her there, and went into the door but As soon as I came through the door it suddenly shut behind me. It looked like I was inside a giant clock. I saw a door so I headed for it. As soon as I was about to open the door I heard creepy laughing coming from behind me. It sounded much different than the laughter I thought I heard in the forest so I knew not to be scared. I turned around so see a guy with a weird smiling face and carrying tons of masks. It looked like he was a mask salesman. "I'm not buying any of those masks. I'm busy." I said.

"I know, I know. I just want to tell you that I am in desperate need of help." He said.

"Why?" I asked.

"I am the happy mask salesman and recently one of my most precious masks was stolen from me. It is called majora's mask and an imp called skull kid stole it. It is a very evil powered and uncontrollable mask. The moon is falling and so close to the clock tower. I have to leave tonight! PLEASE HELP ME!" He said.

"I'm sorry but I am already on another quest. How many other people have you already asked?!" I said.

"Only one other little kid that looks a little like you. He got attacked by the skull kid and was turned into a deku scrub. I was able to help him return to normal."

"How?" I asked.

"There is a song that can heal a dying creature and turn them into the form of a mask. Now whenever he puts on the mask he can become the deku scrub again."

"Can you teach it to me?" I asked.

"Fine but only if you stay until tonight and try to help the other kid get the mask back. Do you even have an instrument?" He said.

"OK I'll stay. Does this count as an instrument?" I asked as I took out the wind waker.

"Yeah. I guess so." He said.

Then the shop owner went over to a piano and said

"OK. Follow along after me." And he played a beautiful song.

I played it on the wind waker and it sounded awesome. I had a feeling I would need to use that song sometime in the future.

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