Secret Baby Hero(Link’s Point Of View)


4. The Movies


(NICOLE ): Girl's name

(MOVIE): your favorite movie type

"What kind of movie do you like (NICOLE)?" I asked.

"I like (MOVIE) movies." She said.

"Cool! I heard of a really popular (MOVIE) movie that just came out! I think it's playing at 3:00 tomorrow. Do you want me to come over and then we can walk to theater together so that you won't get lost?" I asked.

"Sure!" She said.

"Ok. See you then." I said as I left.

The next day I was stuck deciding what to wear, but in the end I finally decided on a cool green shirt and jeans. Then I ate some lunch, and at 2:30 I was ready to go to (NICOLE)'s house. I got out the wind waker and conducted the warping song and before I knew it I was at her doorstep again. I saw that she was waiting outside.

As soon as I got there (NICOLE) whirled around and screamed "God Link! How the HELL do you keep on doing that?!"

"Uh never mind...We better get to the movie. It takes around 15 minuets to get there and the ticket line can be long sometimes." I said.

"OK." She said rolling her eyes and then we headed to the movie.

When we got there the ticket line was pretty long just like I thought. I also had a feeling that the candy line would be long so I told (NICOLE) "I'll wait in line to get our tickets and you can go inside and get the popcorn and candy."

"Sure." She said and then went inside.

Luckily we got everything in time and were able to see the movie.

After the movie I came up to (NICOLE) and I have no idea why but these words just suddenly slipped out of my mouth. "Uh...I know we've only been hanging out for a couple days (NICOLE) but I just wanted to tell you that...never mind. I gotta go."

"Um OK."She said as I walked around the corner. Then I pulled out the wind waker and was on my way home.

All night long I couldn't stop thinking about (NICOLE) and if I made any mistakes today. I also kept on trying to tell myself that we were just friends too though. I know that you can't rush into a relationship.

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