Secret Baby Hero(Link’s Point Of View)


1. The Lost Girl


(NICOLE): Random girl name

(h/c): girl's hair color

(h/l): girl's hair length

(e/c):girl's eye color

(g/h): how tall she is

Hi! My name is Link and I'm around a 17 year old guy with blonde hair and blue eyes.

I'm going to tell you about how my life turned into a big adventure!It all started when I had just went out for a walk through my town. I was just walking and minding my own business when a (g/h) girl with

(h/l)  (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes ran into me. She apologized but I told her it was OK. She had this weird look on her face. It almost seemed like she wanted to ask me something but she just wouldn't respond so I said, "My name is Link by the way. Can I help you? It seems like something's wrong."

She took a deep breath and said, "I guess so. I'm just looking for the local cafe. My name is (NICOLE)."

"Of course I can help! The cafe is just a few blocks away." I said and then we headed off.

When (NICOLE) and I arrived at the cafe nobody was there.

"I just can't believe it!!! Keith was supposed to meet me here 4 hours ago!!!!" She screamed.

"Hey (NICOLE) cool down! Don't worry. He'll come!" I said. She thanked me. I stood by her as we waited 2 more hours for Keith, but then suddenly (NICOLE)'s phone rang. "OH MY GOD IT'S KEITH!!! Whenever the idiot calls me it's usually to cancel at the last second because he's working!!!! Can you please go around the corner while I answer this?" She said.

"OK." I said.

I went around the corner, but just in case something bad happened I peeked my head around the side of the wall and watched her.

(NICOLE) picked up the phone and said

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU KEITH!!! I've been waiting for 6 hours!!!!!"

Then there was silence for a few seconds and then she yelled out

"ARE YOU BREAKING UP WITH ME?! We have been dating for 6 months and  this has only been our FIRST fight!!! You've got to view my point of view and talk it out with me before rushing into breaking up!!!!!!!"

Then she hung up and started to bawl her eyes out!

Suddenly I came up to her and said "I saw what happened. Don't worry (NICOLE). It's OK!"

"Yeah. That B****** broke up with me just after our first fight!! He canceled on me cause of work and wouldn't even view my point of view of how sad I was cause I had waited a week to see him!!!! He also kept on canceling cause of his mom!"

She dried her tears and said "Thanks Link."

Then I looked at her and said "Hey...Uh...Do you want to hang out at the cafe we just waited 2 hours in front of (NICOLE)? Just as friends right?"

She shrugged and said "OK...I guess so. Of course just as friends! We just met!"

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