Secret Baby Hero(Link’s Point Of View)


8. The Great Sage Impa


(NICOLE): The girl's name

(NICOLE) and I ran into the next room to find a lady there. She had white hair(but wasn't old), weird patterns painted on her face and she was wearing weird clothes with the same kind of pattern.

"Hello. I am the Great Sage Impa. Are you the one who pulled up the Master Sword?" She said.

"Uh...Yeah. My name is Link and this is my girlfriend (NICOLE)." I said a little nervously.

"Then you are now officially Link the HERO OF TIME! You also hold the triforce of courage." Said Impa.

(NICOLE) was shocked and looked as if she was about to faint.

"REALLY?! What do I need to do as the Hero Of Time?" I asked.

"As the Hero Of Time you need to seek out the twilight princess and protect her from the evil king Ganon who has been kidnapping girls who he thinks is the princess. He has the triforce of power but once you find the princess who has the triforce of courage you can join forces and take it from him. Then the triforce will be whole again." Impa Said.

"How do we find the princess and what does she look like? What's her name?" I asked.

"The location of the princess and what she looks like is unknown. She is always reborn as a new person. To find her you must find the triforce of wisdom necklace and try it on young woman. It is said that the necklace is in a place called Clock Town guarded by a Great Fairy." Impa explained. Then she took out a map and gave it to me.

"Here is the map that will show you the path to Clock Town." Impa said.

"OK. I'll go to Clock Town and find that necklace!" I said.

"What about me? I thought I was coming." (NICOLE) said.

"It's going to be pretty dangerous there so I think it would be best if you stayed." I said.

"Yes. The path to Clock Town is pretty dangerous. There is known to be a little boy who wears an evil mask and loves to attack people and turn them into funny creatures." Said Impa.

"Don't worry (NICOLE). I can handle it!" I said with a wink.

She rolled my eyes and said "Fine. I'll stay at my house Link."

"Thanks." I said and then gave her a hug.

"Once you find the necklace try it on every girl. Good luck Link." Impa Said.

"Yeah. Every girl...Maybe even you (NICOLE)!" I said with a smile.

"Ha ha very funny." She said.

"No it could be you (NICOLE). Any girl could be princess." Said Impa.

"OK. Come on (NICOLE). Let's get going. I need to find that necklace." I said and then we were off.

When we got back to (NICOLE)'s house I said "Uh (NICOLE)...I'll be on my way now. I'll be back soon." Then I gave her a kiss and left.

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