Secret Baby Hero(Link’s Point Of View)


5. My House


(NICOLE): the Girl's name

(NICOLE) and I had hung out as friends for a few weeks before we started to date. We have now been dating for a few months. Over the whole time I never invited her over to my house though. Maybe I was just too nervous.

One day after we went to an arcade I finally got up my courage and said "Hey (NICOLE) do you finally want to come and hang out at my house? Sorry I haven't asked in so long."

She stopped for a second and then said "Yeah...I guess so. Keith rarely let me come to his house! How far away is it?"

"It's around 45 or 50 minuets Away but I can get us there faster. You'll have to close your eyes though." I said with an awkward look on my face. I had the wind waker in my pocket.

"I wouldn't mind taking the long way but I trust you so I will close my eyes." She said.

"OK." I said as she closed her eyes. Then I took out the wind waker and conducted the warping song. A giant cyclone came and there was a big gust of wind as we lifted off the ground. Suddenly (NICOLE) reached out and held on to me. A few seconds later we were on the ground of Outset island.

"OK. You can open your eyes now (NICOLE)."

I said.

As soon as she opened her eyes (NICOLE)'s jaw nearly fell to the ground and she was so surprised she couldn't even talk!

When (NICOLE) finally found her voice she said "This is AMAZING Link! I love all of the little houses everywhere and the forest!"

"Uh...Thanks." I said pretty sheepishly.

"It's called Outset island. Come on (NICOLE). Let's go to my house." I said.

Then I took her over to a small house on the edge of the island and we went inside. Inside my house was it was small with a ladder that lead upstairs. After (NICOLE) took a look around I took her over to the fireplace to talk.

"This island is awesome Link! It has so many places to look around go on adventures! I always did that when I was little" She said.

"REALLY?! So have I!" I said.

"I have looked around every place on this island except for one..." I said feeling a little ashamed.

"Where?" She asked.

"It's an old abandoned temple that looks pretty spooky. Nobody is allowed to go near it." I said.

"Come on Link! Let's go together! We can do it!" (NICOLE) said.

"Are you crazy (NICOLE)? Of course not!" I said.

"Oh come on! Don't be a scaredy-cat! Let's go!" She said.

"Uh...OK." I said and we headed off.

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