Secret Baby Hero (Legend Of Zelda X Reader)


3. The Phone Call

(YOU): Your name

(FRIEND): your friend (who's a girl)

(KEITH): ex boyfriend

Last night Link got me home, I fed my adorable cat, and went to bed. Now it's around 12:30 the next day. All morning I had been on the couch drawing dress designs for a bunch of women with weddings coming soon. I was in the middle of drawing  the giant puffed out bottom of the dress when my phone suddenly started to ring. My friend (FRIEND) had been calling me all morning and driving me crazy so it was probably just her calling me AGAIN!

"Who knows. It could be (KEITH) coming to annoy me!" I thought.

I went over to get my phone but when I picked it up my phone's screen immediately went black before I could see who was calling! I wasn't sure whether or not I should answer it but I just shrugged and answered the phone.

The person on the phone wasn't (KEITH) or (FRIEND)! It was LINK!!!! I was shocked!

He said "Hi (YOU). How are you doing?"

"I'm OK." I said. Suddenly there was a strange noise coming from the phone and our connection was breaking apart.

"Hey Link! Is there something wrong with your phone? Our connection is breaking apart!" I said.

"Yeah! You're right! I just wanted to call to ask if you wanted to...."

Link's voice was getting quieter and I could barely hear him. I kept on saying his name but he wouldn't answer. It sounded like there was a giant windy storm over there. Suddenly we became disconnected.

"Hmmm...I wonder what he wanted to ask me?" I thought. Then suddenly I heard a knock at the door!!!! It scared the daylights out of me!

I ran to the door and when I opened it Link was there!!!

"How the HELL did you get here so fast Link?!" I asked.

"Uh...Never mind." He said pretty sheepishly.

"I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to come to the movies with me tomorrow, or maybe even tonight if the movie we choose is showing..." Link said.

"Yeah! Sure!" I said, and Link looked really happy and was sure blushing.

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