Secret Baby Hero (Legend Of Zelda X Reader)


6. The Old Abandoned Temple


(YOU): your name

As we headed off Link had a nervous look on his face but he seemed OK.

"Uh come on...It's this way." He said.

On our way to the building we headed through a weird place that looked like an abandoned castle and village.

"I've explored this place before and it's pretty cool. There are some abandoned and empty stores everywhere and there's a white dog that keeps on popping up and following me." Link said

Finally we reached the building. It was pretty big and weird looking but it also looked really cool.

"Uh...there it is." Link said a little sheepishly.

"Whoah! This building looks awesome Link! How could you be scared to explore it. I actually agree it does look a little scary but in a cool way. Come on let's go!" I said.

"Uh...OK." Link said and then we headed inside.

As we entered the temple we came into a giant white chamber. There was another room but it was blocked by a door.

"I agreed that this place looks like an abandoned temple, but what do you think is behind that door?" I asked.

"I don't know....HEY WAIT!" Link suddenly said looking down and reading something that was on a stand right in front of the door.

"It says you need 3 stones to open this door! They are called the Gorons Ruby, Kokiri Emerald, and Zora's Saphire." Link said.

"Wow! Where do you think we could find them?" I asked.

"Well actually I already have them at my house (YOU)...They are 3 of my precious family heirlooms..." Link said a little sheepishly.

"REALLY?! Then let's go get them!!!" I said.

"No. You should stay here (YOU). I'll be right back." Link said and then he left.

Suddenly I felt a gust of wind and Link was gone for a few minutes. Then suddenly he was back after I felt another gust. Then we went to put in the stones

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