Secret Baby Hero (Legend Of Zelda X Reader)


4. The Movies


(YOU): your name

(MOVIE): your favorite movie type

"What kind of movie do you like (YOU)?" Link asked.

"I like (MOVIE) movies." I said.

"Cool! I heard of a really popular (MOVIE) movie that just came out! I think it's playing at 3:00 tomorrow and I'll meet you there." Link said.

"Ok. See you then." I said as I left.

The next day I was stuck deciding what to wear, but in the end I finally decided on a cool sleeveless shirt and skirt. Then I ate some lunch and headed to the theater. When I got there at 2:30 I bought our tickets but Link was nowhere to be found. Next I went up and got the candy and popcorn when suddenly there was a gust of wind and then Link appeared out of nowhere again!!

"God Link! How the HELL do you keep on doing that?!" I said.

"Uh never mind...We better get to the movie." He said.

"OK." I said rolling my eyes as we headed to the movie.

After the movie Link suddenly came up to me and said "Uh...(YOU)...I know we've only been hanging out for a couple days but I just wanted to tell you that...never mind. I gotta go."

"Um OK."I said as Link walked around the corner. Then there was another slight blow of wind and he was suddenly gone again!!! "How the heck is he doing that?!" I thought.

All night long I sat in bed trying to look up ways on how Link could be getting around so fast but I just couldn't find anything!

"Curiosity killed the cat I guess." I said as I put away my computer. Part of me was still wondering what he wanted to tell me though.

"Oh well. " I said and then I got into my bed and fell asleep.

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