Secret Baby Hero (Legend Of Zelda X Reader)


1. The Lost Girl


(YOU): Your name

(KEITH): Ex boyfriend's name

(h/c): hair color

(h/l):hair length

(Age): your age

(e/c):eye color

(y/h): how tall you are

(home):where you live now

Hi! My name is (YOU) and I'm a (y/h) (age) year old girl with beautiful (h/l) (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes.

I'm going to tell you about how my life turned into a big adventure!It all started when I had just moved from (home) into a new town. My boyfriend (KEITH) was going to meet me at the local cafe but I was just lost and couldn't find my way there!! I was searching and running EVERYWHERE when I suddenly bumped into a guy with blonde hair. I apologized but he said it was OK. I was thinking about asking him for help when he suddenly said, "My name is Link by the way. Can I help you? It seems like something's wrong."

I took a deep breath and said, "I guess so. I'm just looking for the local cafe. My name is (YOU)."

Then we headed off to the Cafe.

When Link and I arrived at the cafe nobody was there!!!

"I just can't believe it!!! (KEITH) was supposed to meet me here 4 hours ago!!!!" I screamed.

"Hey (YOU) cool down! Don't worry. He'll come!" Link said. I thanked him and then waited for (KEITH). Link stood by me as I waited 2 more hours, but then (KEITH) finally arrived. Link slowly walked away as he came up to me.

I crossed my arms, looked (KEITH) in the eye, and said "WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?! You were supposed to be here 6 hours ago!!!!!"

"Uh...Sorry (YOU). There was sure a lot of traffic..." (KEITH) said pretty sheepishly.

"Oh come on! Are you really going to give me that lame excuse again?! You have been saying that you were late or canceling because of traffic and tons of other excuses for weeks!" I said.

All of a sudden a Girl came up and said, "Hey (KEITH) you left your wallet at the bar." I was shocked! "WHO THE HELL IS SHE?!" I screamed.

"My name is Paula and I happen to be his GIRLFRIEND!!" The girl said in a snobby tone of voice and I nearly fainted.

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! I've been dating (KEITH) for 1 1/2 months!!! I always KNEW you were keeping a secret (KEITH)!" I said.

Paula rolled her eyes and (KEITH) said, "Well if I'm SO bad than how come you were with another boy just now?!"

"He's a random guy I just met who helped me find my way here cause I was lost!" I said.

"Well if he's such a hero to show you to places then he better show you the way to the hospital cause I'm about to break your heart!! Goodbye!!!" (FREDDIE) said as he stormed off with Paula. I started to bawl my eyes out!!!!!

Suddenly Link came up and said "I saw what happened. Don't worry (YOU). It's OK!"

I dried my tears and said "Thanks Link."

Then Link looked at me and said "Hey...Uh...Do you want to hang out at the cafe we just waited 2 hours in front of (YOU)?"

I shrugged and said "OK...I guess so."

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