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Just me making a story about me and someone that i....really.....like. Read on if you wish, just know. It'll be very Explicit


1. A normal day?

<Explicit content warning>     




   The night before today, i was up late watching YouTube and live streaming games on YouTube. I didn't go to sleep until about 1am. My alarm was normally set to 3am so when it went off, i woke up and turned it off. I fell back asleep though. I normally got up and started getting dressed around 7am. I didn't wake up until 7:50ish. I realized i woke up late so i rushed getting dressed. I went into the kitchen and grabbed and energy drink with some pop-tarts. I hurried out my front door to walk the 5min to school. I got there, got my tardy pass from one of the teachers and went to my first period class. It was a block day. So the class order was 1, 3, lunch, 5, 7. Then school was over. But in my first hour class. There was someone that i rather had a crush on. But, i never really mentioned anything about it because i'm too shy and afraid that she'd say no. So i just sat there every day, glancing at her every now and then. The day would slowly pass, and every now and then i'd have some day dreams.

   Finally, it was time to go home. I'd walk the 2min back to my house, it took longer in the morning because i had to walk to the front of the school in the morning. I went upstairs and set my stuff down. Then i went to practicing playing my guitar. I practiced guitar, and took some breaks to do some drawing up until dinner time. After i ate, i'd wash dishes. By the time i got done with dishes, it was time for me to get into bed. I was rather tired that night, so i wasn't going to stay up late like i normally did. I told my family good night and then stripped down to my boxers quickly getting under my covers.

   It wasn't until around 10pm that night. Where i felt something...on top of me. This caused my to open my eyes just a little bit. Only to see my crush, hovering over my body. This caused me to blush immensely. I started blushing as i tried moving my hands down to cover my crotch. But what i felt, wasn't my own body. My eyes widened as i felt her skin, right up against mine. I saw a smirk cross her face before she leaned in and kissed my neck. I had to be as quite as possible because i didn't want to wake anyone else up. She probably knew this. She bit down softly on my neck, causing me to let out a soft muffled moan. One of her hands were resting on my chest as the other started moving downward between our bodies, until it reached the top of my boxers. She must have had something in her hand because they quickly ripped apart. My widened eyes looked down as she grabbed a hold of my shaft. My hart started to pound uncontrollably as she started to move her hand up and down on my length getting it hard. She stopped with the neck teasing.

   She would move back just a bit, holding a finger up to her lips telling me to stay quiet. She continued sliding down my body, trailing kisses down as she went. She eventually reached Her prize as she looked up at me. She had a lustful look in her eyes before she looked down at what was right in front of her. I feel her tongue lick from the bottom of my shaft, all the way from the tip. I had to bite down on my pillow in order to not make any noise as you continued licking, getting it nice and slick. After she got it to her own personal desire of wetness. She leaned back, now sitting on top of me. She scooted towards my now hard arousal as she raised up a little bit. She then took off her bra and panties. She grabbed the shaft of my arousal and pointed it straight up. She aligned it with her own body. Before sliding down on my length as her tight folds easily took it in.

  I could feel her body start to eat up immensely, as so did mine. She let out a soft moan as she slid down all the way to the base. I was still biting down on my pillow to keep myself quiet. I feel her body begin to raise again, before dropping back down. As she started doing this, i feel her lean back and grab something. Before the pillow was moved off my face and replaced with something rubber, which strapped around my head. The only downfall to this object. Was i couldn't swallow the saliva buildup in my mouth. She continued rising and falling to her own speed. She'd slow down every now and then and speed up sometimes. She heard a much louder moan than before. I was moaning this loud because i was quickly getting near my limit. She didn't stop or pull off. She just continued on.

   I was breathing heavily as i was quickly nearing my limit of pleasure. She only started to increase her speed at this point. My eyes roll back as she slammed all the way down on my length as my limit was reached, so it released my load deep inside of her. She leaned down and bit my neck roughly so that she wouldn't make a sound. We were both breathing very hard as she just laid there on top of me. She took off the rubber object, and before i could swallow the saliva build up. She quickly gave me a heated french kiss. Taking some of it as her own. After the heated kiss that lasted about 30min. I fell asleep, and i thought she fell asleep with me. But when i woke up the next day, she was gone and it was like she was never there. Other than my ripped boxers that is........i wasnt sure if id be able to go to school the next day without thinking about what i remember from last night.....

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