The Assassin Woman


1. Elena

Elena was a yong girl when her parents died. A man in all black came into the house, and passed by Elena's room, to her parents. She was only 11 at the time, and she herd the whine of a dagger being pulled out of a sheath. She hid in the closet. When the man came into her room, she watched him search for her. "Come out come out wherever you are," he cooned, "I just want to talk." Elena beleaved him, so she came out. In a heartbeat, he was behind her with his dagger. "Say hello to your mom and dad for me." he said, right before sliting her throat.

Across the room, in a differant closet, stood Elena's sister. Paralized with fear and anger as the man killed her sister.

She looked at the man's fase, burning it into her memory. She would avenge her sister one day...

One day...

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