The news came early in the afternoon while I was working at the diner.The church was going to bury my brother's body.


2. Sweet dream; Luke's recount

Whispers, like smoke, drifted from one place to another.




The majestic breeze passed through me as though my existence held no value. I wondered when the last time I saw sunlight was. I barely remember its warmth on my shoulders. The birds refuse to sing their chorus here anymore. Now, the life-deprived forest is dead silent.


Had the fire run away with the birds and others that were sent here? The clouds are so thick here that the shy sun merely makes an appearance.


As I roamed through the forest, ankle deep in the mud, my mind travelled back to the day of the accident. The heat of the fire lingered on my fingertips. My psychologist was there the day it happened.  Where were your pen and paper then, Adam? How did you record my behaviour then, Adam?


I could still remember the horror on their faces, Tanya's family, when I knocked on their door the day of the accident. Family... how foreign the word was to my ears. Friends. My friends must have heard about the accident by now. Yes, of course, they have. They always know everything, they just chose to turn a blind eye to it.


Tanya. My sweet little Tanya. How your soft hands and honey coated voice always bring me serenity. My most sincere apology, my sweet Tanya. It was not my intention to do what I did that day. You knew too much. Your banshee scream still lingered in the air. Frozen in time. Your silky, ebony hair. It used to cruise in the wind, I still remember. As sorry as I am for what I did to you, to the rest of your family, I do not carry regret.


It needed to be done.  


Many times I screamed out a greeting, hoping no one would reply. Luck was on my side, no one ever did. It's funny how this place is portrayed in movies. I thought there would be more people with the same faith as I. Perhaps this place was reserved only for a crime like mine


If I could just briefly close my eyes, I could remember the accident. Her father. His glassy eyes laid in its socket. His head was first to collide with the marble flooring, detached from his body. Red liquid splashed the floor as his corpse collapsed to the ground.


Like a stone statue, finally crumbled to dust.

The loud thud of the collision made my mouth twitched upward.Her mother was huddling in the corner of the kitchen like penguins do to protect themselves from the chilly weather. She looked adorable with their firm grip on the kitchen knives they were too afraid to use. It was like a kid trying to defend themselves against an adult. The knives pierced through her back, more times than I care to count. I wasn't sure why she didn't run away, but it did make the cleaning up process much easier to do.


And Adam. Curiosity really did kill the cat. He will have a hard time nosing into other people's business now that his tongue had been...misplaced.


I traced my frail finger over my scorched skin. Looking around at the barren atmosphere engulfing me, I feel content.


I loved you, Tanya.


I'm so sorry.


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