The news came early in the afternoon while I was working at the diner.The church was going to bury my brother's body.


1. Graveyard; present day

The news came early in the afternoon while I was working at the diner.The church was going to bury my brother's body. Through whispers of the customer, the fact was that he was shot dead and was to be buried early in the night in the nearby cemetery.

Abruptly, some moments become much more radiant. Like the sound of fireflies that hummed like showers that ended in an instant. Like the time my brother and I were running from the local police down to the cemetery, where we lost vision of one another.   

Why must life happiest moment end so suddenly? 

  "Are you  going to see your brother?" My boss, Luke, softly whisper as we were closing the restaurant. This was a small town, anything you say will spread like wildfire. I nodded. Luke knew about my brother and I. He knew Michael didn't kill our parents and I didn't hide the body. 

"I'll let you off, just this once okay?"  Out of happiness, I threw my arm around Luke and rushed to the crew room. I need to know if Michael really is dead.   The howling wind gave me comfort on this starry night. My brother would have loved it.The cemetery was filled with the church's worshippers who volunteer for the good of the community.    

Looking back at it, I had always known the police were to kill the innocents. Underneath the glittering world before many eyes, in their own deception, everything was to collapse if the authority wishes it to be. Slowly, they lowered a corpse into their proudly dug grave. My suspicions rose as the moonlight reflects off the ring on the corpse's finger.    

Hesitantly, I moved closer towards the church's group. My heart was pounding rapidly. I wanted to stop time. At this moment everything was like a house of cards. If the body really is Michael's .I'm afraid everything I worked for will fall apart. 

A loud thump brings me back to my senses. It’s too late to change my mind now. Either I see the body now or I'll spend the rest of my life wondering how he died.   Suddenly a hand was placed over my mouth and drag me towards the nearby forest, out of sight of the cemetery. 

The owner of the hand gently turned me around to face them.

 "Tanya we have to go!" It was Michael. His face scarred and his eyes were filled with fear. His whole body was agitated. 

"What's going on?" I ask.  A gunshot fired in the distance pierced the silence of the night. It seems to be coming closer.  

 "It's Luke's family, they killed our parents!"


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