missing side

have you ever felt like and empty spot in your body is missing? like something that you really loved got thrown away. well i have been feeling this way ever since my mom died of cancer and now i have a crazy step mom that always yells at me for no reason. as soon as i graduate high school i am moving to an apartment with my best friend. i guess ill have to figure out my missing side.


1. safe spot




             Have you ever felt empty inside. like one whole side of your body missing. hi i'm Cassie Holt and this is 

           my story. my mom has died of cancer two months ago and ever since i heard i would just be in my room                    staring at the wall thinking of  my mom. i don't recall the last time i spoke to her so i was very sad. i have a                step mom now and all she does is yell at me for going out with my friends and being locked up in my room.                that's why i go to a secret place every Friday. i go to this abandoned shed behind some bushes. i have a                    spare phone there so i wont be bored and books and fairy lights. my dad owns a podcast company and he               makes about 15,000 dollars every week. sometimes i think that my step mom is dating my dad because of                 the money he makes. i get bullied at school for not talking that much. i'm not that social and my dads surprise             that i have friends and i am too. i make good grades and in the honor roll. and today is Friday so i have                   school today. "Cassie wake up you lazy no good animal" my step mom banged on my door. no you see how i            get up in the morning. i open my door and shes holding ruby my baby sister. 'do you have to yell that loud to             wake me up in the morning?" i ask her. she shoots a dirty look at me " just get dressed and change your stupid         sister while your at it" she shoves the baby into my hands and walks off. i cant wait to go to my safe space

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