Death Next Door

Her new roommate has a rather questionable friend.
WARNING: a TON of fluff. Sorry but I based the main male off of a character that I LOVE from a series so if you don’t like cute starry nights than suck it and go read something else


2. Chapter Two


Comment if you have any (constructive) criticism please. Except for you Elijah.

Death grinned with full intent of evil. He grabbed a cupcake off of the shelf and it into it, not even caring that he was at the gym. People stared at him as if he was committing an awful crime as he chewed and swallowed the high-calorie treat.

He was only at the gym to pick up Jesse for Willow. He’d taken a liking to her sassy attitude, and Hadley enjoyed her company, so he supposed he might as well have fun while he lived in San Francisco.

Besides, the name Cole suited him, he thought. He was pissed that Hadley had nearly let his full name slip when he’d first met Willow, but she’d fixed her blunder.

A tall, green-eyed teen walked out of the gym doors. He was built like a jaguar; all lean muscle and height. His hair was streaked with black and green, giving him a dramatic look.

He turned heads as he strode out. “You must be Cole,” Jesse murmured, smiling down at him. Death/Cole stood up from his sprawled position on the bench, pleaded to notice he was taller than the green eyed guy. Cole felt his heart skip a beat as Jesse pulled off his sweaty shirt with an overly confident grin.

Cole brushed it off. He’d lived for a while, and one cute boy wasn’t going to make him nervous. Pulling up the hood on his pullover, he walked towards his car.

Jesse followed in the most annoying manner possible. “I’m doing this for Will, and Will only. So don’t get any ideas,” he ground out.

“Pet names already? Wow. Don’t worry though, I’m A.”

For the first time, Cole gave Jesse a good look... and noticed the black ring on his middle finger. “So you’re asexual. That is somehow not a surprise,” Cole muttered. He was at the end of his rope with all the things he had to do, and now he had to deal with this twit.

“I hear you’re attached at the hip to Hadley, huh? What’s that like?” Jesse wondered, slanting his grassy eyes. “It’s tiring. I owe her a lot, so being there for her is the best I can do,” Cole snapped. “Oh? Elaborate,” Jesse pried.

“Nope.” “Pleeease? I’ll set you up with Willow,” Jesse pleaded. Cole gave him an incredulous look. “Why in the worlds would I want to be set up with Willow?” “I dunno. What’s with the plural on worlds?” Jesse was getting annoying, but luck was on Cole’s side today. They pulled up in front of Quill And Drip at that very moment, and Cole shoved Jesse out of the car and drove away without saying bye.

“Rude,” Jesse muttered as he started his shift.

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