Death Next Door

Her new roommate has a rather questionable friend.
WARNING: a TON of fluff. Sorry but I based the main male off of a character that I LOVE from a series so if you don’t like cute starry nights than suck it and go read something else


1. Chapter One

Willow Heidi knew she was in trouble. Her new roommate was irresistibly cute and she, Willow, had accepted the offer. Willow needed the money, and was renting her apartment out for a couple hundred a month.

Hadley Baker was a tall, pale girl with a lean body and brown eyes. I must have a thing for brown eyes, Willow reminisced. She herself had boring blue eyes and olive skin. Her naturally black hair was dyed a motley of blue, purple, green, and silver, so whenever she moved it looked like she carried the galaxies in her hair.

Okay, so maybe that was an overstatement. But it did look cool.

The point was, Willow was currently running her hands through aforementioned wildly long hair, wondering what she would tell her roommate about her secret alcohol stash. Hopefully Hadley was cool with that. And what about the hole in the wall? How would she explain hat little detail?

Willow groaned and slammed her head into her nice IKEA desk. Broken pencil led and eraser shavings littered the metal surface. Willow glanced down at her latest idea for an album cover in her multimedia sketch pad.

It featured a rose being thrown into a mirror by an unseen hand. As if she needed another reason to be annoyed, she couldn’t find the right cover art idea. It had been bothering her for months.

Willow and her band performed Fridays and weekends at the Quill And Drip, a local coffee shop where Willow worked. As an older Gen Z, Willow found it insulting to be called “dumbass hipster Millennial feminazi bitch” for more than one reason.

Suddenly, Willow’s apartment door was shaken by a loud knock. “If you’re Olsen telling me I’m worthless or the landlord telling me I’m late on rent or anyone other than Silas, go away,” Willow shouted.

“Well, we’re not Silas, but I think you might want to let us in. I’m about to drop an expensive blackberry liquor on the welcome mat, and I have a feeling the smell would make said landlord suspicious,” said a decidedly female voice from the other side.

Willow rushed to the door. “Jesus!” She exclaimed, seeing how much they were carrying.

A guy and a girl stood outside. The girl was identifiable as Hadley, but the guy was new.

Said guy let out a darkly laugh. Willow moved aside to let Hadley in, then stepped in front of Unknown Guy before he could step through. “Oh, that’s just De- I mean, Cole. He’s a friend,” called Hadley from the kitchen.

“Is this Irish Cream?!” Hadley squealed.

“Seems like Hadley found the alcohol,” Cole muttered. “Come on in,” Willow muttered up at the general direction of his head. He was taller than her by a good three inches, at least.

He set down the bags he carried on Willow’s sofa and smiled up at her as he flopped down.

“I’m Hadley’s friend. We’ve known each other since preschool, so I might be hanging out here a lot.” Willow frowned. She didn’t have a problem with Cole, per se, but she got a kind of feeling from him, a kind of dark power.

And since Willow had read thousands of trashy Roomate’s Best Friend fanfics, she wasn’t thrilled that he was so good looking.

Hadley thundered in, nursing a Corona beer. She handed one to Willow, but didn’t offer Cole one.

“Want some?” She offered, holding it out like an olive branch.

She looked Cole up and down as he considered the beer. He had skin that was in the middle of dark and light, with a slight golden tinge. His black hair was unruly and hung around his face, disappearing into his hoodie and making t impossible to guess how long it was. His eyes were a steely gray, and were set into a fantastical facial structure.

“I’ll pass, thanks,” Cole said, smiling softly.

Hadley and Willow talked for a while, and Cole hung out and watched anime on the TV. Hadley grinned and patted him on the head, leaving for the kitchen once more.

“So, Willow, I hear you’re in a band,” Cole said awkwardly, smiling his strange half-smile. “Yup,” Willow replied. “Can you elaborate?”

Was it her imagination, or did Cole’s eyes narrow with amusement?

“Well, I’m the lead vocalist. We mostly do covers, though there are a few originals mixed in. The bassist is Jesse, the backup vocalist and lead guitarist is Silas, and Eli brings the drums. Other than that, the rest of the band kind of fluctuates in and out of rotation.”

“Cool,” Cole remarked, leaning over and grabbing Hadley’s beer. He looked over at Willow and his face betrayed his approval of her coolness. Awesome. Plan seduce Hadley was well underway. Although, if he’d wanted a beer, why did he steal Hadley’s instead of accepting her offer to give him some? Huh.


Shout out to Elijah, who’s gonna be a character in this story. Again, there will be fluff, but there’s a reason this story isn’t rated Red, okay?

Note to Eli: you probs know who I based Cole off of, but in case you don’t, I won’t reveal it until like the last chapter so SUCK IT aaaand that’s it enjoy

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