Death Next Door

Her new roommate has a rather questionable friend.
WARNING: a TON of fluff. Sorry but I based the main male off of a character that I LOVE from a series so if you don’t like cute starry nights than suck it and go read something else


4. Chapter Four

Never underestimate a girl with a cup of Irish coffee.

That’s what Hadley learned from her mom, her sister, her aunt, and her new roommate.

She woke up at seven and walked into the kitchen... and saw Willow sitting in a chair with a cup of Irish coffee.

“Look, if this is about the dress I stole, I can return it to you. I just really like the cut and–“ “No. What? What dress? Anyway, care to explain the blood on the floor?” “Shit,” Hadley hissed, running her hands through her tangled hair.

“Where?” she demanded, looking on the floor for evidence of aforementioned blood. “Over here,” Willow said, walking to just outside her bedroom. There, on the floor, was a small puddle of blood that had towels thrown over it and plastic wrap surrounding the towels.

“Seriously, it should be a no-brainer to not get blood on the floor. Like, I don’t even want to know what your pants look like.”

“Willow, I need to make a call, but whatever you do, don’t touch that blood.” Hadley ran back to the table and snatched up her phone, hitting call immediately.

“Cole?” she shrieked into the speaker.


“There’s blood on the floor.”

“Yes, I think it’s theirs.”

“I’m sure, okay? Trust me. I’m a tracker by habit. I know my shit.”

“Okay. Make it five.”

Slamming the end call button, Hadley stormed into her room.

Willow stood looking very confused, but not surprised. Hadley obviously had some shit to take care of, and Willow wouldn’t mess with it.

But blood? Really? Ugh.

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