Death Next Door

Her new roommate has a rather questionable friend.
WARNING: a TON of fluff. Sorry but I based the main male off of a character that I LOVE from a series so if you don’t like cute starry nights than suck it and go read something else


8. Chapter Eight

Three days into the Prep School Nightmare, Willow was told that Ark was being expelled.

When she asked why, they told her that Ark had been told to play singles basketball. When Ark refused on “aesthetic principles,” she was still forced to play.

So, she climbed up the basketball hoop and sat there for the rest of PE. And since nobody could get her down, they had to plead with her.

This was Ark’s second strike, so she was expelled. Willow found this strange, and she herself had caused much trouble at her old school and was never expelled (though she had come close a couple times).

When Ark’s father (Liason, as Willow had learned) was consulted, he decided that he’d take Ark back to LCorp to get some “real world experience.”

Willow was, apparently, being paid for this which made it that much better.

“Oh, and I’ll send Cole over later to talk about your... questionable past.”

Willow froze.

New plan. Move to somewhere else, somewhere that didn’t know she was that girl.

A girl like that.

Those were the words her parents had said when they told her to move. And now most of the population thought she lived in South Africa, learning about some kind of other species.

Willow really did hate to disappoint.

She dropped Ark off at the apartment and drove to Quill And Drip, telling her manager she was taking a week long break.

And then she left Hadley a voice recording on a small iPhone from 2013 she’d gotten for fifty dollars on Ebay last year.


I’m afraid I’m not a completely honest person.

Well, nobody is.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I lied to you about where I came from, and who I am.

So now I’m halfway across the world, on a mission away from a certain someone with nothing but four grand and a suitcase.

So goodbye.

If I’m not back within a week, I’m not coming home.

Don’t forget to drop off Ark at the airport on Sunday, okay?”

Willow frowned at how bad it sounded.

Oh well, it couldn’t be helped.

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