Death Next Door

Her new roommate has a rather questionable friend.
WARNING: a TON of fluff. Sorry but I based the main male off of a character that I LOVE from a series so if you don’t like cute starry nights than suck it and go read something else


7. Chalter Seven

Willow blinked up at her ceiling, eyesight fuzzy. The loud beep beep beep of her alarm was persistent in keeping her awake.

Turning onto her side, she tried to remember why the hell she had set her alarm for this ungodly hour... that’s right! That brat Ark had some prep school to get to!

Clinging herself out of bed, she spent about twenty minutes deciding on her outfit before throwing on a little black dress and a jean jacket. Flying to the bathroom, she quickly applied eyeliner, eyeshadow, and some mascara before caking on concealer and foundation. Adding some cream contour and highlight, Willow put on a pair of casual heeled boots to make herself look taller and ran to the kitchen.

Glancing at the clock (7:00), she had barely enough time to make some coffee and put some aside for Ark. “Ark!” Willow yelled, frowning at her FitBit.

“Aaaaark!” she yelled again, waking poor Hadley up. “Willow, what the fuck?” Hadley groaned from the other room.

“Hadley! There are children in this apartment!” Willow reminded her as she stormed into Ark’s room. The checklist read female and Willow saw Ark putting on some aqua Converse to go with her school uniform (blue skirt, red tie, blue blazer, white shirt). “Ark!” Willow hissed, pointing to the clock.

“We need to get to school!”

“I know,” Ark said in a nonchalant tone. Willow grabbed her arm and dragged her out the front door and to the car Cole had lent her for the week.

“Bye, brat,” Willow yelled to Ark as she climbed out of the car and walked to the campus of the sprawling prep school.

“Bye Cole’s Girlfriend!” Ark yelled back.

Will rolled her eyes and adjusted the mirror to check her makeup.

Willow was at Quill And Drip when she received a call from an unfamiliar number. Clicking receive call as she made a caramel macchiato and stirred the milk, and lifted her phone to her ear.

“I understand you are the child Ark’s nanny?” A pinched female voice said from the other side. “As we were unable to reach the father and the legal guardian, we are here to ask you to come and take Ark to... to its home.”

It was clear as day the woman had no idea how to address a non-gender binary person. “She identifies as female today, lady. What did Ark do?” Willow said, pissed that the lady didn’t even know the gender of her student.

“I’m afraid I don’t know. Apparently there was a... a disruption in class this morning. You’ll have to ask the teacher when you get here.” And with that, the woman hung up.

Willow tried to call back the number, but they didn’t pick up. Will informed her boss that she had a family emergency and rushed off to the school.

Striding through the giant gates, she looked around at the high ceilings and tasteful decor. She went to the (huge) front office and asked where Ark’s class was.

“Room A-B-34,” a young man responded. Nodding as if she knew where that was, Will walked down the corridor. She began to admit that she was lost when she saw Room H-Z-55, though, so she asked a friendly janitor for help.

Twenty minutes later, Willow stormed into Room A-B-34 and surprised twenty ten year olds and one forty year old.

“Tell me why the hell you’ve called me here,” Willow snarled.

“Please keep your language civil, Miss... I’m afraid I don’t know your name,” the teacher stuttered.

“I’m here for Ark, so you better tell me why in he world I’ve driven twenty minutes out of my way to come here,” Willow snapped out.

“Your young charge seems to have terrified Sir Jameson Harold Gray III by... well... pretending to be some sort of demonic creature,” the teacher muttered.

“We told... ahem... it that we had a strict no-bullying policy.”

Her Name is Ark, not it.” Will was pissed at the teacher’s ignorance.

Willow turned to Ark, who looked outraged. “JHG made fun of my skinny one and called me weird and stupid because, and I quote, ‘mommy must have been a real whore to have a kid that doesn’t know its own gender,’” Ark yelled.

The teacher looked scandalized at Ark’s language.

“Which one of you is James?” I snarled, furious. All the kids looked at a small, greasy little blond who looked scared.

“It-its a vampire!” the child said in fear.

Willow rolled her eyes. “I pretended to be a vampire by running into the sun and pretending I was melting, okay? It wasn’t that bad,” Ark said.

“I did scare the behelled skies out of him though, and it was totally worth it.”

And with that, Willow knew she and Ark would be great friends.

Willow was forced to sign some paperwork before she took Ark back home, but it wasn’t anything too heavy. At least Ark would be out of the toxic environment.

During the ride home, Ark asked Willow if she cared about her.

And Willow just handed Ark a candy bar from the center console and smiled.

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