The Couple

Matt and Alexa aren't your every day couple. They enjoy tormenting others- they are dark and twisted. This couple gets pleasure out of others' suffering; they will go to any lengths necessary. Will someone be able to stop them? Or will their rein of terror last forever? They may live forever, but does that mean that they can't be killed? What will happen when one brave soul tries to stop their evil plans?


1. Characters



Short black hair, tall, muscular, green eyes.

Sleeve tattoo, aggressive, charming.



Long straight red hair, blue eyes, medium height, smaller build.

Cute, neck and chest tattoo, attitude problem, flirty.


Matt and Alexa are both considered 'immortals' or 'undead'. Alexa uses her good looks to lure in guys; Matt charms the lady's into thinking they're going to have the best night of their life. Most victims are picked up usually on the streets, or at bars. With them, nowhere is safe though.


Their place of torture and torment: an old abandoned insane asylum located in a secluded area.


How high will their body count make it before someone is able to stop them? Or will they ever be stopped?


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