The Couple

Matt and Alexa aren't your every day couple. They enjoy tormenting others- they are dark and twisted. This couple gets pleasure out of others' suffering; they will go to any lengths necessary. Will someone be able to stop them? Or will their rein of terror last forever? They may live forever, but does that mean that they can't be killed? What will happen when one brave soul tries to stop their evil plans?


4. Chapter 3- Matt POV

When I woke up, Alexa was still asleep. She looked so beautiful when she slept. The only thing I never understood about her was her obsession with foxes. She loves wearing fox masks and yesterday she actually used her power to transform into one. This woman is one of a kind. I got up and made breakfast- fried eggs with runny yolks, bacon, and toast: her favorite.


I walked upstairs and woke her up- breakfast in bed for a big day. She smiled as she woke up and saw I made her breakfast. I handed her the plate once she was sitting up and gave her a glass of milk. Today I have a huge surprise for her, one she'll never see coming. After we ate our breakfast together, I went to the closet and got dressed. She followed behind me. I loved watching her get dressed; her body's absolutely stunning.


On her chest is a beautiful wing tattoo, and both sides of her neck have multiple tattoos that look almost like a collage. Everything about her is just absolutely amazing. Once she was done getting dressed, I walked down to the kitchen. Today was special so I packed a bigger cooler. I believe the kitchen at the asylum still works- it's worth a shot. After packing some pop, alcohol, and food I packed it into the car.


Alexa came out in a tight black tank top dress, with a red vest over it, and her favorite black boots. She always over does herself for these occasions. Once everything was in the car, we took off for a drive. It's not like us to find people in the middle of the day; today is different though. I noticed Alexa had her eyes on someone, then I noticed the girl trying to hitchhike.


The girl looked young- probably 18. Long wavy blond hair, blue eyes- such an innocent look. Alexa signed for me to pull the car over, and I did. She got out and went and talked to the girl. My guess is she made a good impression on her, because they came back to the car smiling and laughing. The girl got in the back seat and Alexa got back up front.


"Matt this is Sarah," Alexa introduced the girl.

"Nice to meet you, where are you headed?" I asked politely.

"No where particular just away from here," her voice sounded so innocent.

"Well we're planning to spend our day investigating a haunted asylum, care to join?" Alexa asked her.

"I mean sure, but I don't believe in ghosts."

Alexa and I laughed, she looked confused.

"You'd be surprised what's in this world Sarah. Anyways, I'm planning on cooking us dinner there too. We'd love it if you joined."

"Okay," she smiled.


Alexa put her hand on my knee, her long black nails looking perfect. This woman really is one of a kind- I am one lucky guy. I pulled into our hidden parking spot of the asylum- I grabbed the cooler and Alexa led Sarah into the building. She was always so good at pretending to be friendly, but trust me- she's one mean bitch. I took the cooler into the kitchen and put it in the fridge, to my surprise- it's still running.


Once everything was situated I grabbed three sodas and went to look for Alexa. I found them in the main room, and gave them their drinks. Sarah seemed a little scared of the place, I tried not to laugh about it. Alexa pulled me close to her and asked me to bring her a beer, so I got up and went and grabbed one.


I brought the beer back and she chugged it. I noticed the demons and ghosts had entered the room so I knew this was about to get interesting. Once the bottle was empty she took it and hit Sarah over the head with it- hard enough to shatter the bottle and knock her out cold. I helped her carry Sarah to the basement- Alexa stripped the girl to nothing but her underwear and tied to her to the chair underneath of the shower head.


"Very nice," the demon appeared behind us. "I see you took my advice." He laughed.

"Sounded like fun," Alexa smiled.

"Mind if I watch?" He asked seriously.

"Do we ever mind?" I looked at him.

"Good," the demon smiled and then stepped to the side out of our way.


This one I was leaving all on Alexa, I knew things were about to get good.

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