The Couple

Matt and Alexa aren't your every day couple. They enjoy tormenting others- they are dark and twisted. This couple gets pleasure out of others' suffering; they will go to any lengths necessary. Will someone be able to stop them? Or will their rein of terror last forever? They may live forever, but does that mean that they can't be killed? What will happen when one brave soul tries to stop their evil plans?


2. Chapter 1- Alexa POV

"Want to go to the bar?" Matt looked at me.

"Of course," I laughed knowing what that meant.

"Good, go get yourself all prettied up. We're both bringing someone home today."

"Fine," I smiled and walked away.


I got in the shower, and freshened up. After I washed my hair and body, I shut the water off and got out of the shower. Drying off, I put my hair up in a pony tail until after I got dressed. Once I was dry, I hung up the towel and walked naked over to the closet. Matt's eyes followed me, but I didn't acknowledge him. I put on one of my shortest mini-skirts, a push up bra, and a bright red tank top. Matt always enjoys my slutty dressing, and me showing off my cleavage.


Quickly I did my make up in a smokey eye style; braided my hair to the side. Then I grabbed my purse- making sure I had my ID, and grabbed a black vest to put on over my tank top. I slid on my black tie up boots, and looked over at Matt. He was admiring me. I gave him a kiss and we headed to the car; I love the days we get to go drinking. We drove in silence to the bar, and like always- we were in fact ID'd at the door. Once we got inside he smacked my ass and we went our separate ways.


It wasn't long until guys started coming up to me and talking to me. None of them seemed right though, so I bought myself a beer and sat at the bar. Quietly I listened to the conversations going on around me- that's when my attention was caught. At the table in the corner was a younger couple- early 20's. They began arguing- he's already drunk. When the guy stumbled away I watched Matt walk up to the woman and he winked at me. That was my cue. I walked and met up with the guy, and offered him a helping hand to the bar.


"Can I buy you a drink?" I asked him.

"Sure-" he slurred his words.

"What's your poison?"

"Whiskey," he looked at me.

"One whiskey and a beer please," I told the bartender winking at her.

"Here you go," she handed us our drinks secretly slipping a pill into his whiskey.

The bartender is a good friend of mine, and knows everything. "Thank you," I tipped her.


He sat there and chugged his drink down; I watched him slowly sipping my beer. The guy slammed his glass down, and looked over at me- clearly admiring me. Before he could say another word, he passed out. I looked at the bartender and she looked up at Matt. She nodded her head, and I assured anyone looking that we were going to get the couple home safely.


Matt carried the girl to the car, and the bartender assisted me with the man. Once they were in the car, I promised her photos- like always- gave her a hug and left. We drove out to our favorite secluded area- the asylum. No one had been out to that building in years; everyone is afraid to even step foot on the property. The stories about it being haunted are horrifying to most people. It is in fact haunted, but the spirits and demons don't mess with us because of what we do.


It seems they enjoy us being around because of the torment we bring the living. Once we got there, Matt parked the car in the hidden garage and we got them inside. Matt assisted me with the boyfriend; once he was strapped to a chair we went back to the car and grabbed the girl. She got tied to a bed, they were in sight of each other but not in range of being able to touch one another. Slowly they began to regain consciousness. This was my favorite part.


We stood in the shadow of room and watched them wake up. As they came to, they began to panic. She let out a very loud scream- which woke her boyfriend the rest of the way up. Both of them started yelling in fear; after enjoying our laugh Matt went and gagged the girl. The girl had begun to cry, they are terrified. I put on my fox mask and walked up to the guy, touching his face.


He seemed to be in shock, or confused- not sure which one. Over and over he tried to free his hand or knock the chair over, I just laughed at him.


"It's pointless," I smiled at him.

He glared at me, "what the hell is this?"

"Welcome to hell baby!" I laughed.


I could feel the demons and spirits appearing, they knew what was going on. They began to reveal themselves; scaring the couple more! Both of them cried, confused at what was going on around them. Matt walked over to the guy, and leaned down to his level.


"This is nothing personal buddy," he smiled at the guy as he shoved a knife into the guys thigh.


He let out a horrid scream, and Matt quickly removed it. Handing me the knife, I walked over the girl and ran the knife down her stomach. She attempted to scream but the gag muffled her. Today I felt like just getting it over with, so I slit her wrists and let her lay there bleeding out. The whole time, her boyfriend forced to watch. The demons began to swarm her, take in her blood. Basically feasting on her pain and blood.


The boyfriend had basically gave up fighting once his girlfriend's body went limp. He took all the fun out of it. I walked into the other room, and let Matt finish his end. Someone appeared behind me.


"Nice mask."

"Thanks," I laughed.

"We'll dispose of everything," the Demon assured me.

"I know you will," I looked back, "it is your favorite part after all."

"That is true- you know me so well," she laughed.

"I know all of you very well." I assured her.

"This is why we like you guys so much."

"Well we're going to be around for awhile," I assured her.

"Good," she disappeared.


Once Matt had finished and cut up the boyfriend, I took out a disposable phone and took pictures. I sent them all to the bartender from the bar- holding up my end of the deal. She really enjoys seeing the photos of mangled bodies. Sick and twisted- just the way we like our friends.

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