Cabin Girl

Harry has always been one of those people who doesn't like to clear up or put 100% effort into anything. His housemate is the total different.
After meeting the girl of his dreams, Harry has changed around.


1. I N T R O

~I N T R O~

Harry was one of those people who always left a sign he was there, for example he'll leave his dirty dishes lurking around. He never really bothered to put 100% effort into his work. And he was always relaxing or out at a pub/ nightclub.

Liam on the other hand, always put in 110% effort in anything he did. He always cleared up and tidied away. He never relaxed until the deed was done.

Harry never once cooked dinner for anyone, he just used to order in take away. Whereas Liam always cooked meals with the best tasting ingredients.

Harry always said he had no time for love. The only love in his life is his family and his writing. That's it, full stop. But for Liam, he believed in love... more specific: love at first sight!

Let's just say, they're very different.

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