children aren't supposed to be scared of their own parents , well she was.
When Lillias begins to realize something is wrong with her sister after a sleepover she to begins to see strange things around her house to. A girl in a night gown weeping in the corridor a strange figure leaning over her bed and worst of all spirits speaking through her sister!


Author's note

Please enjoy this book it is in progress but i will finish it!

7. The stairs to the basement


Lillias placed her stupid heeled foot onto the creaky basement stairs and squinted at the sound of the rusty metal boards creaking. She heard Sara mumbling something down there in the darkness but I wasn't sure of what it was she was saying. She began to ascend slowly down the stairs still worried if Sara had a knife or not. Lillias finally reached the bottom of the stairs and ran over to Sara she had a knife but was only stabbing it into the ground , she tapped her lightly on the shoulder and screamed.

Sara turned around and began growling and snarling at me shrieking madly but worst of all her face , her face was covered in stabs by the knife she had , she began crawling madly over to me moving each leg in front of her face like a contortionist. Lillias's mind was spinning as she fell back against the hard basement wall as Sara sluggishly moved towards her creepily.

"Sara stop , Sara please!" 

Lillias screamed for help but none came as Sara began to hover the knife in front of Lillias's face, Then the creaky floorboards began to creak quickly as Lillias saw Matt running down the stairs. Matt claimed Sara pulling her away from Lillias and then confiscating the sharp bloody knife from her. He screamed at her telling her to wake up , but she continued to growl. Blood began to spill from her eyes and hands as she began to brake her wrists in Matts hands !

"Abiit ergo !" Sara shrieked ominously

the knife then began to move on the floor by itself , scratching away at her hard wooden floor spelling out a word Matt read it as he held the crazy girl of a sister Lillias now had. The word spelt 

  Non revertetur carne aderunt meaning "No return , reincarnate" Sra's black eyes shone as more blood poured from them , the girl had gone mad with this thing inside of her.





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