children aren't supposed to be scared of their own parents , well she was.
When Lillias begins to realize something is wrong with her sister after a sleepover she to begins to see strange things around her house to. A girl in a night gown weeping in the corridor a strange figure leaning over her bed and worst of all spirits speaking through her sister!


Author's note

Please enjoy this book it is in progress but i will finish it!

5. The sirens


The cook grabbed at Lillias's blouse screaming in fear , his face poured blood onto Lillias's white blouse causing crimson drops to form on her shirt . More gashes began to appear in the cooks face as his face split , Lillias tried to push him away but he gripped onto her blouse pulling it open to reveal her vest and bra , That's when Lillias ran as fast as she could . Only to run into the girl she had seen go into the toilet , she was standing there just smiling and waving at her she then went back inside the loo once more .

"What do you want from me from Sra WHAT DO YOU WANT!" and with that Lillias began to kick and scream gong into a panic attack, Kate came running down the hallway only to stop and stare in horror as the cook feel to the ground splitting his huge head open, dashing his brains out on the tile floor.

"Oh my god call a.... call a fucking ambulance someone !" she hesitated as she stared down upon Lillias screaming and crying. 



Lillias awoke her eyes scanning a corridor , her boyfriends corridor in his house , she began to walk with bare feet , she realized she was in a paper thin night gown that made her feel as if she were naked .she heard cry's of pain from somewhere down the corridor , when she peered in the bath room  it was her in the bath tub shrieking in absolute misery. Blood foamed from around the bottom of the bath tub and then Lillias stopped screaming , holding something up , it was a baby. 

Lillias continued down the corridor , hearing sounds of laughter this time she peered into a bed room seeing Matt laughing as he played with a new-born. Onward to the next room there was non on a stare case at its edge was Lillias holding the baby , with one simple movement she threw it down the stairs  laughing manically. 



"Is that my baby in the future?" Lillias questioned before seeing Sara turn around only the girl wasn't Sara , well it was but she looked psychotic . Then Lillias awoke .




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