children aren't supposed to be scared of their own parents , well she was.
When Lillias begins to realize something is wrong with her sister after a sleepover she to begins to see strange things around her house to. A girl in a night gown weeping in the corridor a strange figure leaning over her bed and worst of all spirits speaking through her sister!


Author's note

Please enjoy this book it is in progress but i will finish it!

8. The final possesiaon and first spawn


Matt grabbed the mad girl , she screamed but he silenced her , she grabbed him back by the throat  and it was over within a few seconds for matt stumbling on the floor weak and broken . Sara or whoever was inside of her had injured Matts neck. Sara made her way over to Lillias crying on the floor for help before remembering he had it in her pocket her rosemary beads as she usually went to church after work. She held them in Sra's face and it sent the girl reeling into the wall.

"Get out of my sister you bitch! GET OUT!" Lillias screamed Matt looked onward at his girlfriend being incredibly brave as she began to closer to the maniac inside of her sister. She began praying to god as she told the spirit to reveal itself then leave.

"Come out now be gone by gods orders!" she cried

Sara inside she could tell was fighting the spirit to as she heard her moaning inside of the spirit of the girl! Matt tried to stand up to grab the girl restrain her so Lillias could continue but his injury prevented him from doing so. Fire surrounded the basement as the spirit fought back trying to Lillias but Lillias stood strong not afraid of the flickering flames. she didn't care as she died as long as she got this thing out of her sister.

"You do not scare me you hear out come out !" she yelled at Sara

"Nolite Mea est!" The spirit screamed (stop she is mine now )

I am no god I am no priest , I am her sister now come out you bitch and just die!" Lillias screamed madly throwing the rosary toward Sara's heart , and then Sara fell.

"She is ....dead." Sara muttered on the floor as the fire burst into smoke and ash and came together reveal a girl in a nightgown. The girl seemed to be crying but then she looked up as her red eyes swelled down into a deep blue .

"mumia?in regeneratione" she said before disappearing

"What was that?" Matt said lying on the floor grunting

" I ...I don't know, we have to get you and .....Sara your ok! "she screamed with joy

"Lillias oh Lillias I'm sorry I played that stupid game , you ... your so brave!" Sara cried out hugging her sister 


Lillias ran to the bath room again for the fifth time in the day she felt bile running out of her mouth as she threw up a bloody pile of sick into the toilet she hadn't told Matt about the blood but she had told him she was pregnant with his baby girl! 

Matt was delighted even though he had every right not to be as he was injured with a spinal bruise , he was desperate to be a father and at eight months pregnant Lillias was ready to burst . she had conceived  at his house when she had been went into shock at the diner. She had finally told Matt when he kissed her on the forehead tat she wanted kids. However the pregnancy was proving tough as strangely Lillias was loosing weight not gaining weight for her pregnancy even though she was eating a tone of crap.

"Babe I'm home" Matt called out as he came up the stars to see his girlfriend , Lillias went and hugged him as she loved him so. his back had healed nicely after the surgery and he was lucky to not have to use a wheel chair after his injury as his legs luckily picked up the signals from his spinal column to use them.

"So the exorcist is goona be over to explain about the final words of the spirit in like five minutes or so..."

"Shoot I look lie shit Matt I just threw up again !" Lillias stated

"No you look fine a bit pasty but that's normal for you ha!"

The door bell rung and Lillias went to get it , it was a tall man dark features wearing a black robe and holding a large green marble  rosary .

Lillias led him to the living room and Matt came down to talk about the spirit that had taken over Sara. The priest explained it was a spirit of a Latin girl possibly killed by a gang for being an immigrant and she was probably so angry she wanted to drive others to kill the self for a senseless reason like when the people killed her.

"The girl said something before she went she said err....... something Latin err Matt you remember right?" Lillias said

"Yeah she said mumia ,In regeneratione do you know what that means?" Matt asked

the priest simply just stared at Lillias in shock, terrified , he then said to Matt " she is till here." 

"What's that suppose to mean?" Matt asked worried

"the spirit she said mummy , I am to rebirth ." the priest said in fear muttering a prayer to himself after

"And wat else ?" Matt said

"The spirit she's going to rebirth , she is still here she is going to return!"

Then Lillias's water broke .

"She is coming " said the priest in horror 

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