children aren't supposed to be scared of their own parents , well she was.
When Lillias begins to realize something is wrong with her sister after a sleepover she to begins to see strange things around her house to. A girl in a night gown weeping in the corridor a strange figure leaning over her bed and worst of all spirits speaking through her sister!


Author's note

Please enjoy this book it is in progress but i will finish it!

1. Just a game ?


The Ouija board lay on top of the closet tempting the three girls , curiosity rose in them as the eldest girl took the board off of the top of the closet. The board was battered and the planchette  for the game to was blistered from the years. The eldest girl whose name was Tracey remembered when she and her friends had stolen it from her grandmas house when they visited her later on that very day. The girls all stared at it eyes wide with excitement , Tracey knew the girls were tempted to play so she sat the board down on her bed , her two friends then did the same and sat on the springy bed.

"How do you play with it Trace?" The youngest girl who was eight named Sara asked 

"Obviously what are you dumb?" She responded 

"Do we have to play?" 

"Err yes she is dumb Trace , yes we have to play!" The other girl Michelle said

"I don't want to though" Sara said shyly with a small motion of shaking , both girls looked at her with a raptured smile and sighed.

"Though Sara." Tracey snapped  

The girls began to set the board up opening them onto the other side , Sara trembled as she touched the planchette whereas the other girls showed no fear just disrespect towards the spirits.

"Is there anyone here ?" Tracey said allowed 

The board instant went over to the words ​yes ​, ​Sara's stomach dropped as she lost the ability to believe what had just happened . The other girls just simply smiled and began to whisper to one another about what a "Wimp" Sara was. Michelle then asked the board to show them a sign which is when Sara yelped in fear , asking a spirit to show a sign was inviting them out of the board but she didn't wan to look sheepish in front of the girls so did not tell them. The girls then all sat in silence for the sign , then they heard it a faint knocking on wood.

​"What the fuck ! Oh my god M tell it to shake the bed!" 

​"NO , no don't please ." Sara whimpered 

​"Pussy , grow up Sara its not like its actually oona do it now ask it a question creep."

​"Language Tracy please I hate swearing "

​"Never mind trace's swearing ask the board a question!"

The air clenched around Sara throat as she gasped , it was her turn ,her time to play with the board she thought of a question that would show the girls how brave she could be. And then with full integrity she ordered the ghost to do as she asked.

"Spirit , will you ....come in ?" Sara sobbed

The room went quiet as the three girls waited for the moment the ghost would come into the room , but nothing happened. Nothing at all the door stayed closed and not even anyone could be seen walking the round the tiny bedroom.

"Well that was a pointless question Sara why the hell would you ask that?" 

"Yer me and trace don't want no spirits in the bedroom!"

But Sara didn't respond instead she fell of the bed , her entire body shaking ferociously in a seizure like way , Sara's eyes innocently shed red bloody tears that soaked her porcelain clear skin some even went in her black long hair that was on it's end.  

Lillias pulled up her rotting car by Tracey gel's house  , Lillias had been enjoying a movie with her boyfriend when she got the call that Sara her eight year old sister had had a seizure and then ran around the house chasing  the girls with a razor blade that she had used to cut their faces. Lillias's boyfriend stayed in the car as he was kind of freaked out when he heard the call. The all itself was traumatizing for both Tracey's mum and Lillias and her boyfriend matt, Tracey's mum was screaming down the phone to come and collect Sara now as she was trying to kill everyone.

"Ill be back in like five babe" Lillias assured her boyfriend as she got out of the car , she headed over to the small house that her little serial killer sister awaited in. Her bra stuck to her sticky with sweat scared for what was in store for her. She grasped the door nocked and franticly hit it down on the door , She heard screams and some crying coming fro inside the house she also heard the police sirens nearby approaching the scene , Mrs Gel had actually called the police.

The door swung open to a reveal a panicked Mrs Gel clasping Sara's bag , she simply dumped it down onto the porch then Shrieked at Sara who was hiding in the darkness of the top of the staircase.

"There is something wrong with your sister miss , she's a pest a ...a sick little freak!" She screamed at Lillias ,Sara soon enough walked solemnly down the stairs and out of the house.

"Yo listen here you odd child stay away from my Tracey at school or ill get my girl and her friend to beat you senseless and I wont care!" Mrs Gel ,"Bye Mrs Gel " Sara smiled psychotically and then bit Mrs Gel's hand that was already scarred from Sara scratching her with her nails. 

"Why you little bitch!" Mrs Gel screamed 

"Mrs Gel I am so sorry about this , so sorry" Lillias said sympathetically 

"I don't want an apology just get her away from me my child and her friend , infact just get away from my house!" and with that Mrs Gel slammed the door shut just as the police arrived. Lillias rushed Sra to her tiny car and sat her in the back seat. Sick chirmed in her stomach as she sustained the smell of sick from Sara , Mrs Gel hadn't told her on the phone she was sick. Sara whimpered and began to cry this time normal tears filling her brown eyes , a moment ago she hadn't been like that when she bit Mrs Gel .

"Oh honey why did you do all of this?" Lillias asked 

"It ......It wasn't me , It was,It was the girl we talked to !"

"What girl honey tell me now did Mrs Gel think it was you? "Lillias demanded

"It was me but not me." She replied still in tears

Matt looked over confused at Lillias , he then looked at Sara who's face was concealed with tears He then put out his hand to Lillias.  

"Your only seventeen Lillias why doesn't your mum deal with any of this kinda crap?"

"Because she's a drunk matt , a complete drunk !" 

Lillias then walked round to the front of the car and sat in the drivers seat , she sighed and then pulled back her hair into a ponytail to help compress her stress.

"I'm going to drive" Matt stated

"Why matt?"

"Because your stressed Lillias." 

And even Lillias had to admit he was right she was stressed .

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