children aren't supposed to be scared of their own parents , well she was.
When Lillias begins to realize something is wrong with her sister after a sleepover she to begins to see strange things around her house to. A girl in a night gown weeping in the corridor a strange figure leaning over her bed and worst of all spirits speaking through her sister!


Author's note

Please enjoy this book it is in progress but i will finish it!

3. Draining


Lillias stared into the darkness wondering whether the lights were going to flicker on again and reveal the bloody massacre , but they didn't , Lillias tried the  light switch on the outside of the room by the door , the lights still remained lifeless. This to much for matt as Lillias could see from his reaction , his eyes bloodshot with terror and mouth wide open is shock. 

"Ill get a flashlight L" Matt said petrified 

Matt soon returned to the putrid scene , he handed Lillias the flashlight with a shaking hand of fear Lillias took his offer and shone the flashlight into the bathroom. Immediately Sara shrieking bloody face came into view as she violently shook and ran towards them , but then she stopped staring at Matt who was utterly terrified and about to fight but instead of running away she grabbed Sara around the arm and hugged her. Sara was acting completely normal as she hugged her father figure Matt back.

"Honey are you ok ?" He asked 

"I'm .........Fine."

"Is it me or was there blood in the bathroom?" Lillias questioned

"Yer there was , did you see the... " Lillias cut him off

"Yep that psychopathic bitch"

"Lillias .... I...I..." Sara then threw up blood all over Matts sneakers 

Sara then looked up eyes deep black and she then grabbed Matts leg and scratched it madly , she then bit it hard down on Lillias arm screaming madly as she did.

Sara then released her mouth from Lillias her eyes were once again normal ,  something was not right here and Lillias knew it  as she watched blood pour down from her arm and an odd black ooze. Lillias heard violent steps clawing down the hall as she peered down into the darkness of the hall , a small but creepy girl could be seen smiling petrifyingly  , Matt was more focused on Sara now crying blood! The girl waved slowly eerily  she then stepped back into the darkness of the hall disappearing in the gloom of the dark shadows .



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