children aren't supposed to be scared of their own parents , well she was.
When Lillias begins to realize something is wrong with her sister after a sleepover she to begins to see strange things around her house to. A girl in a night gown weeping in the corridor a strange figure leaning over her bed and worst of all spirits speaking through her sister!


Author's note

Please enjoy this book it is in progress but i will finish it!

2. Bloody bath tub


Matt pulled the at up into the garage and parked it , The garage stunk of rot and Sara smelling of puke didn't make the smell any better. 

"I know its late but you have to take a shower honey you have sch......." Matt cut her off "I don't think she should go to school tomorrow i mean I'm not her dad but" this time Lillias cut him off "Trust me you'd be a better dad than my dad he's in prison Matt remember "Lillias stated.

Lillias Looked down upon Sara , she'd acted extremely oddly in the car at some points crying and then laughing and giggling like a psychotic little bitch who'd just killed someone! Lillias walked Sara to the bathroom and then left her to her own devices unsure if she should have.

"Hey mum its me listen Lillias is having some real trouble with looking after Sara so is it ok if i stay the night and help her Lillias will drop me off in the morning." Matt said speaking into his phone

"Oh sure that's fine tell Lillias if she needs  anything no matter what time ,i will be down there in like three seconds, bye Matt be careful i love you" His mum replied.

Lillias came down stairs shaking her head and clenching her fists , she looked at Matt who was smiling at her.

"What is it Hun?" She asked 

"My mum,letting me stay over because your stressed out."

"AW , i love your mum thanks so much like i said if we ever have kids you'll make a amazing dad!"

"Wow Lillias don't push it were not having kids ....yet , and my mum loves you to she said if you need anything shell be over no matter what time !"

 Lillias poured a glass of cream soda for Matt who was sitting on the sofa in the living room , she didn't know wither he would ever want to have kids with her but he did  say "not yet" that had to mean he did want kids right?

That's when Lillias and Matt heard it the piercing screams from Sara!

Lillias rushed upstairs and sprinted to the bath room she nearly feel when she opened the door but the handle of the bath room restrained her from doing so. She whipped open the door creating a blast of air but she didn't see Sara infact she didn't see anything , the room was pitch black.

The lights then flickered on snapping a scream from Lillias , the bathroom was painted with blood the tiles of the floor , the sink the bath all painted with a red gory mess! And sitting in the bath tub which was also filled with blood was Sara smiling a maniacs smile. Matt came upstairs and then stood my his girlfriend , he shrieked and then yelled "THERES A FUCKING GIRL IN THE BATHTUB WITH HER!".


Then the lights went out plundering the room into darkness again , Lillias tried to look for Sara but could not see her in the pitch black darkness.

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