The Library of Magic A novel

In a London Castle, a servant boy named Roy Kane gets involved in a plot to overthrow the King. When he saves him from death, he is part of the Kingdom of Ryder Keep, where he stays in the ancient library room.


2. The Library of Magic-Part Two


Roy saw the dark woods. 

The branches were sharp.

"Be careful", Delia said.

Before either of them could do anything, three arrows flew high in the air. Roy saw several elven riders marching towards the children. The leader, Lord Gregson, who wore a green tunic...and grey boots on his feet, pointed at the humans with his right hand. "​How dare you trespass on our lands​", he yelled. Roy shook his head. "We were in the Sorceress's Castle, my Lord. She wanted something from the elves", he said. Delia nodded in agreement. Lord Gregson's face was etched in concern. "And what is it that she seeks from us?", he asked. "Power over all races", Delia answered. The Lord, who wore black breeches, adjusted his silver crown that was on his head with his left hand. "The Sorceress has diabolical intentions over all of the lands. Why should she bother humans?". Roy took a long, deep, breath. "She invaded the Keep. We escaped from them with our lives. I'm Roy, a simple servant-boy; Delia is a servant-girl, that I'm protecting from her. We're on our own adventure my Lord". An elf rider spoke. "I'm Albert Poole, the Lord's expert in all good and evil magic. I'm a magician". Roy nodded. Delia bowed. Then she said: "May we pass the elven lands?", she asked. "No. You're to be assessed by King Melham and Queen Eleanora at the Royal Court of High Elves", Albert answered. Roy whispered to Delia. "We won't cause any harm to the elves", he said. "In that case, children, you will follow us back to the Elven Kingdom where you'll be our guests", Albert smiled. Roy bowed, and they were taken by horseback through the woods...and towards the majestic looking castle.


Drake stared at the dragon who was snoring by the warm fireplace.

"Don't be so lazy, Xavier", he said.

The dragon didn't move. 

It remained still. 

"The Castle has been secured by extra guards", Kendall told him. 

"I don't want our defences to be breached", Drake said.

"It's secured", Kendall stated.

"Good", Drake looked around at the weapons that were on the black walls. After an arduous night, he hoped that the servant boy Roy, and servant-girl, Delia, were safe from the Sorceress's cold hands.


King Melham stood on his small throne with his wife, Queen Eleanora. They had short, pointy, ears...and stood five foot tall. The Court was full of royalty. Roy and Delia walked down the green carpet that led to the deep chambers; Albert Poole, who wasn't grinning as was his usual manner, bowed in front of the King and Queen of the Elves. "Who are they?", the King asked. "My King, this is Roy and Delia. They're humans from through the dark woods. They bring bad news that the Sorceress has invaded their castle keep...and they've escaped from death", he told him in a dramatic fashion. Roy bowed. "We were ordered by the Sorceress to get something from the elves, my King...Queen. But we don't know what it is. We fled from the Library of Magic, where I study...and sleep. Delia stays in the other chamber with her parents. She misses them like I do with my own mother and father". Queen Eleanora spoke in a musical voice. "The Library of Magic. I've heard of it a long time ago". Roy nodded. "It used to be owned by a warlock called Drear. He vanished into thin air two decades ago. His whereabouts is unknown". Albert's face went pale. "You heard about Drear. He came to the elven lands to conquer it. His disappearance has caused a lot of rumour about dark magic in the lands", he said. Delia shivered. "Father had a lot of meetings with him in secret. I was doing my studies when they met. Mother forbade me from I focused on ancient spells that protected me from harm...and that's when I met Roy". She blushed at the story. "The Kingdom is from the Great Ancient Order where the First Elves were born and lived", Queen Eleanora stated. Roy bowed, then he waited. The King said: "I declare that Roy, and Delia, are part of the Royal Elven Kingdom, where they'll be kept safe from harm until their keep is returned to normal". Roy saw the elven sword touch his left shoulder. He bowed. Delia followed suit. Once the ceremony had ended, they saw Albert smile at the children. "Follow me", he said. And, as they left the regal Court of Elves, a new kind of wonder filled the Kingdom...where danger lurked.


Rogan saw several dark goblins armed with pointed scythes in their right hands.

"I want to see the Sorceress. Take me to her".

They grunted with amusement, then dropped their weapons.

The leader opened the iron door...and let him in.


The Sorceress stopped staring at the black mirror.

There was a knock on the black door.

"ENTER!", she yelled.

Rogan approached her.

"Sorceress...I've come to meet you".

"What about the servant-boy, and servant-girl?", she asked him.

"The castle was attacked. They fled to the dark woods", he answered her.

"Escaped! How dare you tell me they're not here. The boy knows about Drear, the Dark Magician". Rogan stumbled at the news. "He's dead. I know he's dead". The Sorceress shook her head. She stared into the mirror; she wasn't going to let him waffle on. "Drear was my husband. He disappeared for his own reasons. In the meantime, I want them brought back here. You may leave". Rogan bowed awkwardly. Then he opened the doors, and hopped back on his horse through the Dark Forest, where he was shivering from fear.


Lord Gregson pointed at the sleeping chambers. 

"There's a library nearby so you two can read. Most of the books are in old elven language. The study rooms are for all of the elves to acquire knowledge. Few humans are allowed in there". Roy nodded. "We're used to solitude
", he stated. "If you need anything, let me know". He smiled at them, and walked to his own private chambers where he worked.


Roy looked around the room. 

"Nice", he said.

"Yes, it is", Delia stated.

"Let's have a tour of the place", Roy said. He checked his watch. It read: 2:44 PM. Before Roy could say anything else, two elves came through one of the elven doors. They were small, had pointed ears, and gasped when they saw the two humans. "And who are you?", the elven boy asked in a superior voice. "Roy. And this is Delia. We're new to the Kingdom", he answered. "You're not an elf; you're human", the elf girl stated. Delia smiled. "Our keep was invaded by dark elves. We fled from the Sorceress", Roy related the story. "I'm Prince Caine, and my sister, Princess Bella. I'm going to be King one day", he said. They sat down on one of the seats...and read a book from the library. "I've read about the elven lands. There's a hierarchy from the lower-level servants to the members of the Royal Court". He was about to continue when he saw a doorway was open. Seconds later, a tall elven boy walked towards them holding a parchment in his left hand. "I see that you've stolen my work, Prince Caine", Prince Eldred stated. He saw Roy and Delia gasp at the implied accusation...then remained silent for the next five minutes. "I'm not a common thief, Prince Eldred. You should know who you're addressing". The Prince glanced at Princess Bella. "Your brother should be humble when he's wrong. I'll report the matter to the King. He'll deal with the matter in the Court". He walked to a spare brown seat, and studied silently. Roy was amazed that they were privy to the private matters of elves. Delia held his right hand, and was stunned. "I wish everyone would be nicer to each other". Roy hugged her. "In time, Delia". In the end, that was all that mattered.


Drear stared into the Red Flames of Orr. He hadn't imagined to be away for so long. The elven war had taken its toll on him over two decades...or more. The Sorceress's power wasn't limited to the Dark Forest. It went as far as the Ryder Keep, where the invasion happened. He had worn his red hood over his head. He was wearing a black coat, grey breeches, and red boots on his feet. The horses were nearby. He jumped onto Fallow, his horse. It had waited for its Master since last night; it was waiting patiently before it could let Drear on its back. "Go to the Dark Woods", he ordered. Fallow snorted, then Drear gripped the black reigns with his black gloved hand, and headed to the forest before he was followed.

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