The Library of Magic A novel

In a London Castle, a servant boy named Roy Kane gets involved in a plot to overthrow the King. When he saves him from death, he is part of the Kingdom of Ryder Keep, where he stays in the ancient library room.


3. The Library of Magic-Part Three


Xavier opened its eyes.

It was wary of the dark elves. 

"There's nothing to be worried about", Drake said.

The dragon snorted, then waited for him to feed him meat. Drake gave it some as a reward for keeping Ryder Keep safe from the dark elves. "It's over...for now", he said. The dragon knew it was true. It was young in dragon's years; it could live for five hundred years. Once it ate the meat with its razor-sharp teeth, its stomach was full over the next hour or so. Afterwards, it went back to sleep...and dreamed of treasures beyond the Dark Forest.


Albert Poole stared at the mirror.

There was a knock at the silver door.

"COME IN!", he said. 

A lady bowed at him. 

She wore a blue gown, a black crown on her head, and red boots on her small feet.

Albert turned around, then saw her.

"Lady Katherine. It's been a long time".

She smiled at him. 

"Is Ryder Keep safe from the dark elves?", she asked him.

"Aye, it is. The Sorceress's power grows each day", Albert answered her.

"She must be stopped. I was beyond The Vale of Tears, and heard  about the invasion. I rode back to the keep when I was stopped by the Night Guards. I demanded that they let me into the Keep". Albert nodded. "And you were here alone, my Lady?", he said. "Yes, I was concerned about you", she said. Albert kissed her gently, then smiled as they embraced.


Roy searched books from the library.

He was eager to find out more about the ancient elves. 

He saw a book called: "The History of Elves through the years​", by Ronald K. Lowe. Lowe, who lived with the elves, a century ago, was the only author to move freely from the elven lands and towards The Dark Forest. He died from old age before he was famous. Delia, Prince Caine, Princess Bella, and Prince Eldred, stared at the parchment. "The Great Ancients believed there were the First Elves from long ago. They had pointed ears, and sang songs of times past. They performed magic spells, and barricaded their Kingdoms in the Dark Forest from trolls, goblins, and orcs. Over a period of centuries, no one could infiltrate the Forest. Over the years, there were fifty Kings and Queens who ruled without war happening. Now, that power has been diluted since the arrival of The Sorceress", Roy read to them. "She is the most powerful Sorceress in the lands", Princess Bella shivered; she was nervous, as she wondered whether they all were going to be in trouble if there was another war. She kept her mouth shut, while she let Roy finish reading. An hour later, Prince Caine spoke. "I read that book. Not all elves are evil", he said. "That's true, Prince Caine. The Orc Forest which is to the far left of the elven Kingdom, is dangerous. Not many royal members of the Royal Elven Court have survived going there", Prince Eldred stated. He waited for Prince Caine to say something. "I shall go there tonight. We need firewood". Princess Bella gasped, as she spoke in a trembling voice. "I don't want to lose a brother". He shook his head. "I'll return soon, sister". And he strode boldly towards the old doors. He walked outside, jumped onto his horse called Carsten, and gripped the animal's black reigns with his hands. "Go to the Orc Forest", he yelled. The horse shuddered with fear. Then, obeying the Prince's command, it rode away from the elven castle, across the old bridge, and into the eternal darkness.


The group of ten orcs warmed their hands by the hot fireplace. They were wearing grey cloaks around their bodies; they were freezing from the rain that had drenched the campsite overnight. Morgan Thorp, the orc leader, grunted. "​We must be careful since the Sorceress can see us​", it stated. By six o'clock in the evening, Raina Hollows, the girl orc, stared into the fire. "She can be persuaded to work with us". Morgan stared at his sister. "No; no! It's what she wants from us. She uses magic for power. We can't be working under her". Raina, who wore a grey gown, glanced at the sound of heavy footsteps coming their way. "Grab your daggers", Morgan shouted. Raina did as she was told. Before either of them could do anything, twenty assassin riders appeared on horses. All of them wore grey hoods over their heads. "Halt!", the leader shouted. Morgan watched them. Raina was about to attack them when she felt a gold sword was aimed at her. She backed away. "That's a wise move, Raina. Now, we're here about the invasion at Ryder Keep". Morgan stared at Briar, the assassin leader. "We haven't heard anything about that", it stated. "Maybe you haven't been to any taverns or inns lately. The talk of the town is that the Sorceress wants to overthrow the King". Morgan  flinched. "There's a lot of Kings". Briar grinned. "King Melham and Queen Eleanora, the elves", he stated. "Ryder Keep is four hundred year's old. There's no future there. As for the elven Kingdom...they're protected by ancient magic", Morgan said. "There's a boy named Roy, a servant there. And a girl called Delia. She's also a servant. Apparently, they're in the elven Kingdom. They fled from dark elves, and are there. Roy was ordered by the Sorceress to find something on the elves. He didn't know what it was...that's why we're here. To find out what it is he's seeking". Morgan listened to the story. "Then we'll go to the forest. We have a lot of lamps to illuminate our way", Raina said. And Briar grinned...and all of them were prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.


Drear stopped at the ​Red Roast Tavern. ​He jumped off his horse, Fallow. 

"Calm down. I'll be ready in several hours' time". The horse shook its head. Drear opened the front door. Once he was inside, he heard the sound of laughter. He saw six gamblers at a table. They wore black hoods on their faces; they were assassins. "Good evening, Shorn", he said. The assassin stared at Drear. "Would you care to join us, Drear?", the goblin's assassin asked. "After dinner". Shorn nodded. He returned to the game. Drear walked towards the dusty bench. A small, balding, man grabbed a clean rag in his right hand. He rubbed the bench with his arthritic hands. "Drear, so we meet again, my Lord". He smiled at the title. "Cartwright, it's good to be here again. You must retire", he said. "Soon; maybe in a year's time. I have some ointment for the pain. At sixty-three, I've had a great life. My wife, Shona, is long dead. And my children are far away". He wore a dirty apron. Drear sat on the seat. "I'll have a hamburger and ale", he said. He took out three gold coins. "Thank you", Shorn said. He wiped away the sweat from his forehead. "Shall I chop some wood to put it in the fireplace?", he asked. "Aye, you can go outside after you've eaten", Shorn answered him. Drear rushed outside. He saw an axe which was nearby. He chopped the wood like his father did when he was young. Once he finished, he put it back near the back entrance of the tavern. Then he put the wood into the fireplace...and a warm fire erupted like a volcano. The iron grille was covered it, as a protector against damage. A red rug was near it. Drear sat back on his seat, and ate his meal in silence.


Lord Gregson ate his meal.

Xavier's eyes focused on him.

"The servant-boy and servant-girl will be back. Don't worry", he said. The dragon snorted with anger. The breach was now complete at Ryder Keep. 

And it was the only thing that worried the Lord while the sound of rain was heard as the evening progressed.


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