The Library of Magic A novel

In a London Castle, a servant boy named Roy Kane gets involved in a plot to overthrow the King. When he saves him from death, he is part of the Kingdom of Ryder Keep, where he stays in the ancient library room.


13. The Library of Magic-Part Thirteen


Ro' Dain, the Orc Forest, was full of darkness. The young dwarf gripped her dagger in her small, right, hand. She hadn't meant to be so far away from her home. She heard the sound of whispering coming towards her. "​The Sorceress is nearby-we have to hurry​", an orc said. It smelled the night air with its nose; it turned around. The dwarf hid near the wood that was next to the old dwarf lodge. She waited patiently. Ten seconds later, the four orcs walked to their horses. They jumped on them. Then, as they grabbed onto the black reigns with their hands, the dwarf waited. Once the orcs left the forest, she breathed patiently. She then gripped her lamp in her left hand. And headed towards the lodge to get help.


The rain was still heavy.

The dwarf lay down the lamp.

She knocked on the front door.

"Who is it?", Reynold Boone asked.

"Candace Zell", she answered.

"Hold on. I'll open the door". The dwarf gazed at her.

"Come into the warmth, girl", Reynold said.

And she smiled, then she strode into the wood lodge in her red boots that were on her feet. The door closed behind her, and the dwarf knew she was now safe from danger.


Reynold drank his mug of tea.

"The dwarfs are an ancient race who are a peaceful people, Candace. Have a rest, dear". She nodded. It was an hour since she was hungry. 

"May I have something to eat, Reynold?", she asked him.

"Forgive me", he answered. There was a silver bell on a mahogany table in the middle of the spacious room. He rang it three times. Suddenly a dwarf-servant, bowed. "Is there anything you need, Sir?". The dwarf smiled. "Aye, some stew for the two of us, and more tea". The dwarf-servant bowed. "It won't take too long". It walked towards the kitchen...and prepared the meal.


Candace spoke. "I saw several orcs in the forest. They serve the Sorceress", she said. Reynold shuddered. "It's as I feared; it's as if the darkness has drawn all of the evil creatures of the lands...and they are here to wreak havoc", he said. Seconds later, the dwarf-servant served them their late dinner. Candace smiled at her. "Thank you, Martin", she said. He nodded, and left them alone.


Candace was eating when there was a knock on the front door.

She stopped, then placed the stew on the ground. 

She opened the door.

A elf hunter saw her...and smiled.

"Candace! I thought you were away".

"Quentin Rich, I was concerned about you. I was in the Orc Forest when I saw they were working for the Sorceress. The rain is terrible. Please come inside. You're drenched", she stated. The dwarf kissed her. He grabbed his dagger in his right hand. He was wearing a brown fur coat, black breeches, and red boots on his small feet. "We have to hurry, Quentin", Morton Sanders said. "There is plenty of time", Quentin stated. The rain was falling heavily by nine-thirty in the evening. Candace made sure the dwarfs were inside. She closed the door. "Reynold is waiting for us", she told him. Quentin nodded. They walked down the grey dragon's carpet that led to the Arched Halls; they saw Reynold was smiling at him. "Welcome home, Quentin. I see everyone is here now", he smiled. "Aye, the weather's bad though. I didn't know Candace was at the lodge". Reynold spoke. "She escaped from a group of orcs in the forest". Morton gasped. "Orcs! They wouldn't be going so far north of here". He shuddered. "Alas, it is true! We must prepare for another invasion, like the one at Ryder Keep". Candace broke down and cried. Quentin hugged her. "It's alright, I'll take care of you". She was about to say something else when the sound of thunder boomed in the night sky...and they saw water drenched the lodge's windows.


Candace waited. 

She finished her meal, then she fell asleep.

The dwarfs did the same.

And, as they slept in their chairs, everything was dark.


Reynold dreamed of the Dark Forest. The Sorceress's power was far reaching. He saw Roy, Delia, and the other elves were in the elven Kingdom. He didn't know how he could use magic that affected him...and his race. By ten o'clock in the late evening, he gripped his lamp in his right hand. As he walked along the Arched Halls, he went past the chambers. Before the dwarf could do anything, the Iron Door creaked open. A dwarf held out a sharp dagger in its right hand. "Don't move!", the dark elf said. Reynold uttered an ancient spell. The dark elf collapsed onto the hard ground. He placed the dark dwarf's body into the dim cells. He placed the lamp onto the gravelly ground. He then placed the enemy elf into the bottom of the room. And then he closed it. Reynold picked the lamp up, and strode forward to the warm fireplace where the other dwarves were still sleeping.


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