The Library of Magic A novel

In a London Castle, a servant boy named Roy Kane gets involved in a plot to overthrow the King. When he saves him from death, he is part of the Kingdom of Ryder Keep, where he stays in the ancient library room.


7. The Library of Magic-Part Seven


Randall Fortescue arrived at the ​Dark Orcs' Tavern​. He ignored the imminent threat of death. The young traveller wasn't fazed by the old tales of wars. The lamps illuminated the Iron Arches near the Old Garden. Three orc guards were holding their sharp scythes in their clawed, right, hands. "May I pass?", Randall asked. The lead orc spoke. "We don't let in humans". Randall smiled. "But, according to the First Laws of Kane, all races are to be allowed in taverns", he said. The orcs whispered to each other. "You're pushing your luck, human. You can go in. But if there's any sign of trouble, you'll be taken to the Fire Woods of Carne". Randall smiled at the orc. "I'm a traveller, Orc. I follow all laws of the lands". He walked inside the notorious tavern doors...and was eager to do his business affairs before the dark arrived.


Dar Kano stared at Randall.

"You're finally here", he said.

"I heard a rumour of the Sorceress's power. Is it true?", he asked.

"The Sorceress isn't my concern", Dar Kano answered.

"But there's a lot of...".

"You don't need to be afraid of her", Dar Kano smirked.

"I won't be afraid; I won't. Listen, there's the matter of Ryder Keep", Randall said.

"Dead in the fetid waters", Dar Kano smiled.

"So, what now?", Randall asked.

"Now I want the Dark Swords of the Grey Moors", Dar Kano answered. Randall pondered the idea. "That'll cost you five hundred gold coins", he said.

"Can you get it?", he asked.

"Aye!", Randall told him.

And he shook his head, and walked towards the warm fireplace in the middle of the old tavern. Several dwarves were smoking pipes, as they sat on their red seats. "Good afternoon, Randall", Olsen Grey said. Randall smiled. "Long time, no see, my friend", he said. Olsen Grey, a young dwarf hunter, gazed into fire. To his left was his crossbow. "I had other business to attend to when the Sorceress attacked Ryder Keep". The dwarf nodded. "News travels fast. I was attending a State Meeting of Dwarfs at Shrew Lock Mountain. Then I came here", Olsen Grey said. "Firstly, I need to eat", Randall said. He walked to the marble bar.  He rang the golden bell. A elf-girl dressed in a green tunic, smiled at him. Her black boots shone in the dim tavern. "May I order some stew, and an ale, please?", he asked her. "Aye, you may. I'm Elsa de Groote". Randall detected some mountain accent from a long time ago. "I've travelled a long way. Are there is any rooms for the night available?". Elsa nodded. "Room 42 is. The Owner, Lord Chisel, is away tonight". Randall didn't smile. He had heard about the owner. Lord Chisel was a gambler, and was known for his excesses. "Rooms are two gold coins", she said. Randall, who had short, black hair, hazel eyes, and tall, took out ten gold coins. "This will be sufficient for two nights". The elf smiled. "I'll fix your bed up, then cook your dinner. The kitchen's busy tonight". He followed her upstairs. Elsa grabbed a lamp in her small, left, hand. Then, by five-thirty in the early evening, she opened the musty room. Randall sensed someone was watching him. It was a tall orc. It gripped its key in its clawed, right, hand. When it was opened, it ignored him. Randall felt relief that was etched on his face. Else flicked the light on. Then he saw a single bed in the middle of the small room; a blue curtain that was around a small window; and a writing desk to the far left. To the far right was a chamber room which was locked up. "The bed's fine", Randall said. He put his luggage underneath the bed; he smiled at the elf. "I'm glad the room is to your liking, Sir". Randall smiled. "It is". Elsa gave him the room key. "Thank you", Randall said. As he settled down, he grabbed the key. And he opened the door...and closed it. He walked towards the hall where a lot of elves, dwarfs, and orcs were eating their meals. Randall ate his meal. Suddenly the front door opened. A tall orc guard appeared with the other members of the Dark Orc Guard. They wore black helmets on their heads, and grey armour. On their right hands were jagged daggers. Elsa watched them with shock. "I don't want any trouble, Erik", she said. The orc leader grinned. "I won't be causing trouble, Elsa. Besides, we're hungry...and need rooms for the night". Elsa nodded. Erik took out a grey bag. "One hundred gold coins", it said. She gasped. "That will do, Erik". And the orc smiled...and pointed to the fireplace to warm their hands. 


Randall stared at the orcs. He had many fights with them. Erik watched him. "I see you're still alive, human", it said. "I've come here for adventure, Erik. Besides, my business is my own". Erik laughed. "You're here to rest after battling the Sands of Roma". Randall's face was pale. He didn't want to re-live the last time he was almost dead. The sands were deep. He was rescued by elves last season. And he was grateful to survive. Elsa served Randall his meal. Elsa sat down on the spare seat. She ate a bowl of stew. She grabbed some herb bread. "Are you alright, Randall? I was worried about you", she asked. "Aye, I was. But I'm fine now, Elsa", he answered. He smiled at her. She nodded. "I'm the new Head Chef of this place. A girl needs to eat now and again". Randall grinned. "Aye, I agree. I came back here because of you". He smiled. "Me; why me?", she asked him. "Because I love you, and I don't want you to be harmed", he answered. Elsa blushed. "Marriage...I don't know...". Randall smiled. "Nothing will change for us", he said. Elsa smiled. "Yes, I'll marry you", she said. And Randall kissed her, and they ate their meal together.





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