The Library of Magic A novel

In a London Castle, a servant boy named Roy Kane gets involved in a plot to overthrow the King. When he saves him from death, he is part of the Kingdom of Ryder Keep, where he stays in the ancient library room.


9. The Library of Magic-Part Nine


Caleb Wildwood entered the Elk Whorl Forest. He stopped near a stream. As he drank the cool water, he noticed a sign that read: DARK ELVES LIVE HERE​ in the middle of the dim woods. Nearby there was a hunter's lodge. Dark clouds hovered above his head. He then ran towards the front door. A moose head was on top of the front door. Its horns were covering the entrance. When he was inside, he heard the sound of voices. He saw several dwarfs, elves, goblins, and hunters staring at him. A dwarf girl smiled at him. "Would you like something to eat?", she asked him. "Aye, I've been travelling all over the Kingdoms", he answered. She smiled. "I'm Zora". Caleb nodded. "Caleb. May I have some steak with herb bread, and an ale?". Zora wrote down the order. "Please take a seat. It shouldn't be too long", Zora stated. He warmed his hands by the raging fireplace. An female dwarf was asleep on a brown seat. She wore a grey cloak across her slim body. "Good evening, laddie. It's been awhile since you've been here", Rory said. Caleb smiled. "I was concerned about the Dark Elves", he said. Rory smoked his black pipe. "They're planning a raid at the Moreton Mines", Rory said. He shuddered. "Eliza is sleeping", Caleb said. "Aye, she's my daughter; she takes after her late mother, Kendra". Caleb nodded. Suddenly Eliza opened her hazel eyes. "Father, I slept too long". She saw Caleb...and noticed the hunter. "Oh, we have company". Caleb smiled. "I'm Caleb, a hunter. I don't mean any harm. I'm a friend of your father, Rory". Eliza smiled. "Any friend of my father, is a good man", she said. She remembered the other dwarves who were insistent of marriage. She was waiting for the right person to marry. "What about the raids?", Caleb asked her. "Father is worried that the Sorceress wants to overtake all Kingdoms. She's evil", she answered. Caleb nodded. "Would you like some stew, Eliza? You must be hungry", he asked. "Aye", she answered. He took out three gold coins. "This will do", he said. Eliza smiled. "That's kind of you, Caleb", she said. And she walked to the grey bench, and ordered her meal, before other travellers arrived.


The Hooded Goblin stared at the old lodge. It strode forward towards the front entrance. "Cy, we're late!", Bradford said. "Everything's going to plan", he told the goblin. They gripped their daggers in their black gloved hands; they reached the front door. Before anything happened, a group of dark goblins armed with silvery swords aimed the tips them. "​It's over! Leave now....or die!​", the Dark Goblin said. The Hooded Goblin fled with his crew. And, seconds later, the fight was over.


"What's going on?", Caleb asked Zora. 

"The Dark Elves are gone now", she answered.

"I hope the lodge is secured", Caleb said.

"It is", Zora stated. 

And Caleb felt relaxed for the rest of the evening.


Drear stared into the warm fireplace.

"The Sorceress has a lot of power", Dena said.

"I know that", he said angrily.

The dwarf-girl backed away.

"You don't have to be afraid of me, dwarf; you have to remember I serve the Sorceress". Dena shook her head. She nodded.

"I need to sleep", she said. 

And she rested on one of the black seats by the rain poured downward outside.


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