The Library of Magic A novel

In a London Castle, a servant boy named Roy Kane gets involved in a plot to overthrow the King. When he saves him from death, he is part of the Kingdom of Ryder Keep, where he stays in the ancient library room.


4. The Library of Magic-Part Four


Roy ate dinner with Delia. 

"We have to do something about the Sorceress", he said.

"There's nothing we can do", he said. Prince Eldred grinned.

"The Sorceress has a lot of power. But she can be defeated", Princess Bella said. She ate a mushroom pie with vegetables. And, an hour of later, they walked to their separate chambers to go to sleep.


Sir Harold grabbed the reigns of his horse, Leland. He loathed the rain. Up ahead was the crossroads. He adjusted his helmet with his hands. He saw a sign that read: Red Roost Tavern​. He had heard about how dangerous the tavern was due to the fact that it draw all kinds of travellers: orcs; trolls; goblins; assassins; and knights. He jumped off the horse, and placed the reigns across the rafters. "​I won't be too long​", he said. Sir Harold strode forward to the front door. He went inside. As he did so, he saw a group of gamblers playing cards. Gambling was legal in certain villages. He saw Shorn, the barman, smiling at him. "Good evening, Sir Harold. How was the fishing?", he asked him. "Terrible. I may go hunting instead. The pay is better", he answered. He sat down on one of the spare seats; he saw the yells of the winners at the gambling tables. "Shorn, another round of ale, please", Grahame Herd, a woodsman, said. "Ten gold coins", Shorn said. Grahame took out the coins out of his grey bag. "There!", he said. Suddenly Grahame saw Drear. He shuddered. "It seems you're here alone", the knight said. Drear looked at him. "It's been a long time before we've met, Grahame. Our lives are different. Besides, evil is evil", Drear smiled. It wasn't a nice smile. Grahame shuddered. "And you are evil?", Grahame asked. "My life is full of give and take. Death is death", he answered. He looked at him. And Grahame sensed that he was in trouble...and kept his mouth shut.


Prince Caine rode Carsten into Dom Soles Forest. He was hopelessly lost. Suddenly he saw several lamps on the hard, muddy, ground. They were embedded near some birch trees. Nearby was an old lodge. He saw a group of orcs who were aiming their sharp daggers at a human girl. "Tell us about the Sorceress, Amy", Soren Johansen said. "She's near the mirror", the seer stated. "Is that all?", he asked her. "Aye, she's waiting for the Sword of the Dark to appear. It's at Regal Moor", she answered. She glanced at the Prince-but didn't say anything. "The Sword of the Dark is a legend", Amy said. Soren Johansen, who was of Swedish descent, glanced at the seer. "We'll come back soon, seer. Maybe, in the meantime, you can tell us more about the origin of the Sword". Soren gripped his sword in his right hand. "Let's go to Regal Moor", he said. Prince Caine breathed. Then he watched the group of soldiers ride off in their horses, and left Amy alone in the woods. When it was safe, he appeared near the girl. "I'm Prince Caine of the elves. I am lost...". Amy shivered. "I know of the elven Kingdom. You must go south of these lands. Are you going to rescue me, Prince of the Elves?", she asked. "Aye. It seems you were kidnapped by the orcs...and survived", he answered. Amy shook her head. "I'm a child seer of the Grand Lights; I see everything", she said. "Everything", Prince Caine said, amazed. "Aye, and you want to take me to see Queen Eleanora", she stated. "I wanted to bring firewood home. That was hours' ago". Amy, who wore a purple gown, walked in her grey boots towards the elven Prince. "Half an hour has passed since you've entered the woods, Prince Caine". He watched her. "Is there some axes to chop the trees for warmth?", he asked. "There, by the Tree of Gloom", Amy answered. "The Tree of Gloom. It has bad luck", he said. Amy nodded. Prince Caine grabbed an axe, and chopped several pieces of wood. "You can take me to the elven Kingdom afterwards", Amy said. The Prince gasped. "Where's your mother and father, seer?".  Amy cried. "They died during The Fatal Night, where the Sorceress came to power five year's ago. I escaped when I was seven to the elven lands. The elves protected me from the orcs, goblins, and trolls. I can leave anytime I wish. But I have a home. Soren is evil. He saw me in the woods in silent prayer. He works for Franklin, the Dark Orc Leader". Prince Caine shook his head. "I've heard of him. He disappeared thirty year's ago during the Great Upheaval". Amy nodded. "It's time to go now, Prince Caine", she said. The elf grabbed the pieces of wood in his hands. "I'll take care of your sword, and the wood", Amy stated. He walked to his horse. "You can ride with me, Amy". She jumped on the horse. The Prince grabbed the reigns. Then, once they raced out of the dim woods, the Prince saw the old bridge. Three elven guards saluted him. "Let me inside!", he shouted. The guards saluted, and opened the grey doors. He rode towards the chambers where everyone greeted him.


Sir Harold left the tavern.

Leland, his horse, was waiting for him.

"It's going to be alright", he said. He jumped onto the horse's reigns with his hands...then he rode to the Kingdom of the Lightness, where he was greeted by his wife Leila, and his six children.


Roy heard the sound of horse's hooves coming near the chambers. He opened the doors. As he did so, he saw Delia. "The Prince is back", she said. They saw Prince Eldred, Princess Bella, Queen Eleanora, and King Melham, gasp. "What happened, Prince Caine?", Roy asked. "I was lost in the woods. There was an orc camp. I rescued a girl seer called Amy. She needs protection from the Sorceress", he answered. Amy stared at Roy. "You're Roy of the Last Servants; your future is in the hands of the God of Protection", she said. Roy watched her. "And you're a seer; you're a girl of magic", he said. "Aye, I see everything", she smiled. Queen Eleanora, who was wearing a regal red coloured gown, said: "You may sleep in the chamber rooms, Amy. I'll post guards at the door", she said. "Aye, my Queen. I'm grateful", she told her. And she opened the door...and went inside. "I'll send a servant to attend to your meal before you sleep". And she nodded, and was glad to be safe from danger.


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