The Library of Magic A novel

In a London Castle, a servant boy named Roy Kane gets involved in a plot to overthrow the King. When he saves him from death, he is part of the Kingdom of Ryder Keep, where he stays in the ancient library room.


5. The Library of Magic-Part Five


Drear watched the heavy rain that had descended upon his scarred face. 

He saw a sign that read: ​The Lonely Arch's Inn​. He saw several dwarves smoking their pipes in their mouths; he was thinking about Cal' Mort Eyre, (the Shadow Fire rooms). He remembered his childhood searching for dwarfs' gold. When he saw a group of Knights whispering to each other by the warm fireplace in the glass windows, he took his red hood off. He let the rain fall down his head, and into the deep mud. He shook the mud with his freezing hands. Then he walked inside the Inn...and hoped to eat some food, as the first rays of the early morning sun warmed him up. 

     "It seems everyone is scared of the seer", Rogan Ambrose said. He ate some chicken from a grey bowl with his small fingers; he waited for the other dwarves to speak.

     "The seer is a girl-child", Dena, the dwarf-girl, said. She gripped her red cloak with her small hands. Her red boots were on the black rug. As she felt the warmth of the fire, she saw Drear arrive. Suddenly they saw Drear coming towards them.

They backed away in terror.

     "The weather's horrible. May I warm my hands?", he asked. Dena backed away in fright.

     "If you don't harm anyone. We're a peaceful folk", Rogan answered. Drear nodded. Sir Rupert of Farnworth stared at him.

      "You work for the Sorceress", he said.

Drear was warm now.

He laughed.

      "The Sorceress is pure evil. I work for gold coins. It pays my wages. Besides, she has her own ways to conquer the Worlds". He glided towards the shining black bench. A dwarf woman was wiping it down with a grey rag.

      "Can I help you?", she asked.

      "Aye, I'd like a room for the night, Benita. And some mushroom soup with ale, please", he answered. 

      "Ten gold coins", Benita said. She had long, black hair, blue eyes, and petite. She was wearing a black gown, and black boots on her small feet. On her right, middle, finger, was a wedding ring. Drear took out a black bag. He gave her fifty gold coins. Bertha nodded. 

     "That'll be for five nights", she said.

Drear smiled at her, then he paid her, and sat down on his seat so that he could eat.


Amy gasped.

       "The Sorceress will arrive at Cal' Mort Eyre tonight", she said.

       "The Shadow Fire rooms. I read about them in the Library of Magic where I used to live before the invasion happened", Roy said.

       "You weren't born there. Your mother gave birth to you in the Sorceress's Room", Amy stated. Delia gasped at the news.

      "Aye, she wants me to get a Sword from the elves. It's called: Lord Christopher's Sword of Darkness; it has many other names", Roy told his friends. Delia looked at the seer.

      "How can you know everything?", she asked.

      "I was born with the Gift of Knowledge. My mother and father were in the Dark Lights. I left them alone because I knew I was alone; I always would be alone", Amy answered. Roy shook his head. Delia held his right hand. 

      "You two will be married in the future", Amy said.

      "Married", Delia gasped.

      "Aye!", Amy told her...and grinned.


The bright light illuminated Princess Catharine's face. She hadn't imagined meeting Sir Kendall would be a problem; she was blushing like a girl, as Lady Margaret, her companion, bowed.

    "My Lady, is there anything wrong?", she asked her.

    "No; no. I was....remembering The Last War when Sir Kendall was so brave fighting the scaly dragon called Brutus", she answered her.

     "King Zachariah is insisting you take the throne with Queen Lynne", she said. Princess Catharine, who wore a silver crown on her head, wore a green gown. She wore grey boots on her slender feet; she glided away from her private chamber...and headed towards the Royal Court where her parents were sitting on their elegant looking thrones with her bored brother, Prince Harland.

    "My dear sister, are you away dreaming of Knights again?", the Prince asked nastily.

    "There's no harm in dreaming of brave Knights who rescue us from dragons", she answered him.

    "Dragons live in deep caves, and can hurt you with their burning flames out of their mouths", the Prince stood up again.

    "I read about them in studies' class with Lady Elizabeth", Princess Catharine stated. She was used to being a young woman of beauty. In the future, she was destined to be Queen, and carry on from her mother's reign. But, at fourteen, she had a lot of time to oversee the Kingdom of Light Woods. Her brother though wanted to King since his thirteenth birthday. Before he could do anything, Gorman Zane, a magician, walked along the black carpet in his red boots. His red eyes gleamed with evil.

    "My King, Queen, I have news", he said. Prince Harland stared at him with interest.

    "And what is the news you bring, Zane?", King Zachariah asked.

    "The seer has been found. She's in the elven Kingdom", he answered. Princess Catherine spoke.

    "Elves. What about Queen Eleanora?", she enquired. Gorman Zane bowed.

    "She's fine, Princess. The seer is a problem", he said.

    "I hear she knows everything", Prince Harland looked into the magician's eyes.

    "Aye, she does. She is protecting a servant-boy named Roy. And a servant-girl called Delia. The was an invasion at Ryder Keep by orcs. Drake Baxter, the King's Advisor, has prevented the creatures from taking control of the Keep. The orcs wanted the boy on the orders of the Sorceress". And, as he finished his tale, the King said:    "You may sit on one of the thrones. We have a meeting to deal with". Gorman Zane bowed. Then he sat down on the first golden chair near where the Prince was seated.


The grey sky loomed over the Ryder Keep. 

Drake glanced at the young dragon, Xavier. 

"You don't have to be in a bad mood", he said. The dragon's orangey-red scales illuminated the fireplace. Its red eyes were focused on the assassin. He didn't know where Roy and Delia were, after the invasion happened. The Keep was left to Drake to oversee. But, to him, the King and Queen were long gone. He shook his head. It's all over​, he thought to himself...and prayed that he wouldn't leave the only home he had ever known.

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