The Library of Magic A novel

In a London Castle, a servant boy named Roy Kane gets involved in a plot to overthrow the King. When he saves him from death, he is part of the Kingdom of Ryder Keep, where he stays in the ancient library room.


11. The Library of Magic-Part Eleven


The fire light burned brightly. 

Amos Freeman, an elf, stared at the two moons in the cold sky. He walked along the dirt pathway that led to Sheppard's Mountains. He glanced at the deep caves that led to the ocean. He ignored them since there were a lot of accidents over the decades. He wore a red hat on his head to keep warm. Amos was wearing a green tunic, brown breeches, and black boots on his small feet. On his right hand was a dagger to protect him from orcs, trolls, and goblins. At seventeen, he was the youngest elf of his kind. Suddenly he heard the sound of horses' hooves. They were coming towards him at a fast rate of speed. Nearby was a hollowed wood. Three humans stopped. "Robertson, the light is bad", Charleston said. Robertson, a thief, nodded. "The ​Forest Hill Tavern ​is nearby". Amos shivered. He watched them nervously. Two burly guards stood at attention. "State your business?", the first guard asked. "We're here to see Lord Shamus Anderson. I'm Robertson. This is Charleston", he answered. The guard stared at each other. "The Lord is inside. He doesn't want to be disturbed". Robertson shook his head. "It concerns the Sorceress", Charleston said. The guard nodded...and let them in.


Amos waited. 

He looked at the gravelly road. 

It was getting dark. He ran towards the another tavern. Written in bold letters were the words: THE DRAGON TAIL TAVERN​. He opened the front door with his right hand. The sound of laughter greeted him. Several humans were gambling at the tables. Their eyes were focused on the barman. "Can I have some elven stew, and an ale?", he asked. "Two gold coins", the barman answered. The elf took out the gold coins out of his black bag that he was carrying. He saw a golden dragon's head mounted on the creamy wall.  The sound of heavy rain hit the outside windows. Amos sat down on a black seat. Nearby was a fireplace. A human boy was asleep. He was wearing a hunter's hat on his head. His black tunic was from the south; his brown breeches were small; his green boots were lying next to him to his left. Amos noticed the small group of weary travellers: a dwarf who was also asleep;  three hunters who were standing by the black rug near the fireplace; and four elves who were also sleeping. Amos knew one of the elves. When he was served his stew and ale, he ate his dinner slowly. Suddenly he heard the loud clang of silverware being dropped on the marble ground. A elven girl sighed. "Let me help you", Amos said. She gazed at him with distress. He stopped eating. He picked everything up with his hands; he was eager to make sure she wouldn't be sacked. "This is my first night here. You're new here". Amos nodded. "Amos Freeman". The elven girl smiled. "Catriona Blessed". He put the silverware back into the small kitchen. Then Amos grinned. "I can buy you some stew. It's nice". Catriona smiled. She had small, pointed, ears, and was wearing a white apron across her slim chest; she wore brown breeches, and green boots on her feet. "Aye, that'll be two more gold coins". Amos grabbed five gold coins from his bag. "It's for the stew. And overnight. I can sleep in one of the spare seats". Catriona nodded. She sat next to him, and ate her dinner with the elf.


The Forest Hill Tavern was busy.

Lord Shamus Anderson gazed at the travellers.

"It's not my job to tell you about the Sorceress. She wants answers as to why Ryder Keep is still not broken", he said.

"The invasion was a failure, my Lord", Charleston said.

"We're sorry...", Robertson said.

"The meeting is over. You can all leave". And the small group bowed. It was still raining outside. They ordered their dinner, then sat on their seats, together.


The front door opened.

Amos opened his eyes.

Catriona stared at the elves.

"What's the matter, laddie?", Rohan West asked.

"Oh, I thought that there was going to be other travellers arriving at the tavern. I'm Amos", he answered. The elf smiled. "Elves, dwarves, and humans are always here. Goblins, trolls, and orcs, aren't welcome. They tend to stay away from the lights", Rohan stated. He smoked a pipe. Catriona walked back to the kitchen to work. She smiled at Amos, as Rohan laughed. "She loves you, laddie", he smiled. "Aye, I love her too. I don't want her to be harmed", he said. He saw one of the hunters watching him. "Paddy Lincolnshire", he said. Amos saw he was wearing a green hunter's hat, black breeches, and green boots on his feet. He wore a red wedding ring on his right, middle, finger. The other hunters awoke. They rubbed their eyes, as Paddy smiled at them. "Father, it's late", Roderick Lincolnshire said. "Aye, tell your brother, Amon, we need to leave by tomorrow morning". Suddenly the front door opened. A young wizard strode towards them. He wore a blue hat, a green cloak, brown breeches, and red boots on his small feet. "Good evening", he said. Catriona opened the door. "Greetings, Nathaniel. You haven't been here for a long time". He nodded. "I was studying ancient magic in my chambers". He smiled at her. "What do you like to eat?", she asked. "A mushroom pie, and ale please", he answered. He saw Amos watching him. "I haven't seen any wizards around", he stated. The wizard laughed. He paid five gold coins for his meal. "Wizards are solitary people. We perform magic only when we need to fight evil". He sat down on a spare seat. And ate his dinner, leaving Amos to think about everyone who crossed his path.


Amos awoke. 

By eight o'clock in the evening, the fiery embers burned brightly in the fireplace. He stretched his hands, and warmed his cold hands. Nathaniel finished eating. He then slept in one of the spare seats. Roderick spoke. "All of the lands are under the Sorceress's spell", he said. Amos nodded. "She must be stopped, Roderick", he told him. He nodded. "How? She has a lot of magic", he asked. "By good magic", Nathaniel opened his eyes. He didn't smile, as he stated the truth. And Amos nodded, as he pondered what to do about the Sorceress.


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