The Library of Magic A novel

In a London Castle, a servant boy named Roy Kane gets involved in a plot to overthrow the King. When he saves him from death, he is part of the Kingdom of Ryder Keep, where he stays in the ancient library room.


1. The Library of Magic-Part One


The servant-boy stared at the dragon with wonder. He warmed his cold hands by the ancient fireplace. A hooded man grinned at him. "Ryder Keep is full of dragons, boy", Drake Baxter stated. He laughed. Roy Kane, who was twelve, glanced into the fire. "Master Sanders told me I must finish my studies in the Library of Magic", he said. Drake, who was the King's Advisor, nodded. "Your education is paramount, boy". Roy nodded. Suddenly they heard  the sound of heavy footsteps coming down the long hallway. "What's wrong?", Roy asked. "Wait here...Read some of the books from the old shelves", he answered. Roy nodded. Apart from his studies, there were a lot of books from different authors to read. Drake gripped a candle in his left hand. A servant-girl bowed at him. "Norton, the cook, has retired for the night, Drake. Can you oversee the kitchens?", she asked him. "Aye, of course, Delia. Can you go to the Library with Roy while I'm away?". Delia smiled. "Aye, he is always alone. I'll cheer him up before dinner". She walked towards the library, and opened the dusty front door. 


Delia knocked on the door.

"ENTER!", Roy shouted.

Delia walked inside the library. 

She saw the old dragon lying asleep.

It was a mixture of gold, green, and orange colours. Its grey tail was scaly. 

"Good afternoon, Roy. How are you?".

"I'm fine, Delia. Master Sanders wanted me to read the books on good magic. Please take a seat". She glided in her red gown towards the fireplace. She wore red boots on her small feet. "Mother bought them at the market". Roy smiled. "They're expensive". Delia smiled. "Twenty gold coins", she said. He grabbed a book off the shelf. It was called: "​Lost Magic of London Town​", by H. T. Hart. "A classic", Delia grinned. Roy watched the glass windows. "Dinner is in an hour's time". She nodded. "Mother and Father are working today. They're making sure I won't be straying too far from the Castle". "I thought you had studies as well, Delia". She smiled. "I finished already. Drake is awaiting The Elf Queen's arrival tomorrow morning". The dragon's eyes opened at the news. It was waiting for Roy to say something. "Queen Elise", he said. She strode forward. "Yes, she is here on business with the King and Queen". Roy hugged the dragon. It behaved like a human child, as its belly was rubbed. "Calm down, Xavier". The dragon's eyes glinted with mischief. Then it closed its grey eyes, and slept for the next three hours.


Roy stopped reading. He placed the book back on the shelf. 

Delia opened the library door. 

"Let's eat. I'm hungry". She gripped a candle in her left hand. Roy did the same. As they walked down the hallway, three Knights stood at attention. "You may pass", one of them stated. Delia held Roy's left hand. The door was opened. When the two children headed to the large kitchens, a group of cooks were busy cooking fish, hams, chicken, and adding spices to the food on brown boards. The aroma was wonderful to smell. Loman, the Head Cook, smiled at them. "Dinner is in ten minutes' time, Roy, Delia". They nodded. By six o'clock in the early evening, Roy looked at Lord Christian's framed painting on the creamy walls. "Isn't he so gallant?", Delia asked Roy. "Gallant. He's a hero who saved Lady Christina from dark trolls last summer", Roy answered her. "I hate trolls. They're small, and scary". Delia shivered. "I'll protect you, Delia from them". She kissed him on the left cheek. Roy blushed. He wasn't used to romantic leanings with girls. "Dinner's ready!", Loman shouted. They headed to the clean, black, seats. "Can we have some tea?", Roy asked. Loman, who was six foot tall, wiped his messy hands with a grey cloth. He served them their dinner. "Eat up before bed time", he said. As they ate and drank their meal, there was a loud noise coming from outside. Loman, who was used to commotions, opened the doors, and spied two men who were fighting on the grounds of the castle keep. "What's the matter Kendall? Rogan. This isn't the time or place to declare war on each other". Kendall, one of the King's Guards, shook his head. "Rogan's a thief. I saw him steal a gold sword that's part of the Kingdom", he said. Rogan shook his head. "It's mine! I bought it from my gambling winnings in town". He waited for Kendall to attack him. "Gambling is a crime. You must take it back", Loman said. Rogan shook his head. He gave the sword over to Kendall. "This isn't over". And he jumped onto his horse called Shadow, and rode away from the Castle.


Roy was thinking about his parents.

He ate slowly. 

Delia did the same.

Suddenly they heard the sound of horns blaring outside.

It was a war sound.

"​Come with me, Delia", Roy said.

She trembled as they headed to the window. Several Night Guards were saluting Master Lowell, the Weapons Head. "There's a group of dark elves marching towards us, Sir", Lord Richard Bay said in dramatic fashion. "Summon The Evening Patrol", Master Lowell ordered. Roy was scared now. Dark Elves! He hadn't imagined they were here. The Keep was heavily guarded. If the Castle fell..., he couldn't've thought it would. He had been at the castle since his birth. He was sure that he was safe. And he vowed to protect Delia from harm. It was an honour to do the right thing; it was an honour which became normal to him as he was close to his thirteenth birthday in a month's time. 


Roy grabbed a small sword in his right hand.

"I'll take care of you, Delia". She gasped in shock. 

"Why would dark elves attack us?", she asked.

"They want to take over our Kingdoms", Roy answered.

"But why?".

"They need to dominate us. It's in their blood. Let's go!". Suddenly both of them saw Master Lowell and Lord Richard Bay were holding their own swords in their gloved hands. Before either of them could tell them to go to bed, the sirens blared again. "Go to the Library", Roy stated. Delia ran to the front entrance. She was confident that she would be protected; she was comfortable in the knowledge that she wasn't going to be attacked by dark elves. Roy saw Xavier's eyes were open. "Xavier, come with us". The dragon stared at him. And didn't move. The sound of shouting was insistent; troublesome. "Fine, but we're going to the Room of Shadows". Roy didn't want to go there because of the Sorceress of Fatal Nights was there waiting for the dark elves to inform her they had triumphed over the human King and Queen. He had read up on dark magic. Not many people survived from meeting the youthful looking Sorceress whose own magical powers were evil. "I don't want to meet her​", Delia said. "We don't have to. But we have no choice", Roy said. He tapped on the iron door with his left hand three times. The door creaked open, "....Grab the torches, Delia, so we can see". She did as was bidden. Once she walked down the stone steps that led to The Room of Shadows, they saw a sleeping Knight at the bottom. He was snoring. "Get up! Dark elves are attacking the Castle", Roy yelled. The Knight opened his blue eyes. "What! It can't be!", he said in shock. "The Sorceress is banking on the fact that the King and Queen are weak since The Last Battle", Roy said. The Knight shrugged. "I'm old...and tired", he stated. "Then you shall be withdrawn from service...and be banished from the Castle as a coward". The Knight gripped his aging, grey, sword in his right, gloved, hand. "I'm eighty year's old". Delia shook her head. "Father can take care of you. Now, let us pass so we can go to the Dark Forest". The Knight shrugged. He didn't bother to do anything. "You can pass". And Roy and Delia nodded, and walked through the door to the eerie woods.

The woods were dim.

"We need to use lanterns", Delia said.

Roy turned back. 

"It's too late", he said.

She cried.

"I can't see", she sighed.

Suddenly they heard the sound of horses' hooves. "Dark Riders". Roy knew they were the rogue horsemen of the Sorceress. Regal, the Head rider, stopped. "Halt! There's children in the wood". He wore a shining silver helmet; it was gleaming in the blackness. The horses' red eyes focused on them. "Who are you two?", he asked. "Roy, the servant-boy, of the Keep. And Delia, the other servant-girl. Dark elves invaded our castle...and we escaped", he answered. Regal waited until the boy's story was over. "The Sorceress hasn't heard of any Dark Elves in the wood". Delia shuddered. "It's true, Sir", she stated. Regal continued. "It's dark, children. You'll spend the night in the servants' chambers of the Castle", he told them. Roy gripped Delia by her left hand...and they walked with the horse men through the dark woods to an unknown future.


Drake stared at the servants' chamber.

"They're gone!", he uttered.

"Roy and Delia were in the library, my Lord. There's a lot of secret places for hiding in", Loman said. Drake was about to say something when a Dark Elf burst through the door. He grabbed his sword in his right hand. He shouted: "It's going to be over for you, Bracknell". He swung the sword high in the air...and brought it down on the elf's chainmail. The elf collapsed onto the hard ground...and he was now a prisoner.


The Sorceress stared at Roy and Delia.

She wore a regal red gown, and black boots on her small feet.

"The servant-boy and girl. I was watching you through the crystal mirror". Her long, black hair flowed down her back; her blue eyes focused on the warm room that was full of magic books on the clean shelfs. "Why did you order the invasion, Sorceress?", Roy asked. She grinned at him. "Power, servant-boy. Besides, in my time, power was knowledge", she answered. Delia blinked her eyes. "I want to sleep", she said. "Child, you can sleep after you talk to me". Delia stared at her. "Mother and Father will be beside themselves with worry". The Sorceress grinned. "My parents are dead...long ago. Now, tell me about the books, servant-girl". Delia watched Roy. "Books. There's a lot of books, Sorceress; a lot of books that are magical", she said. She glided along the black hallway that led to the arched rooms. "There, child is where the books are. In the elven lands". Roy blinked. The elven lands. He took a deep breath. "If you need some books, Sorceress, we can get them". She clapped her thin hands. "Yes, servant-boy. You shall give them to me". Roy nodded. "Can we go to sleep?". She smiled. "I'll show you two to the sleeping chambers". Delia followed Roy, as the Sorceress knew one thing was certain. The invasion was the first that would take forever to finish.


Bracknell shook its head.

"It isn't my fault, my Lord".

Drake stared at him.

"The Sorceress is evil. What about the plot to overthrow the King and Queen?", he asked it. Bracknell grinned. "She will make sure that she will rule the Lands; she has seen in her black mirror that there's going to be a Warlock who'll take over...Someone with more power than she has". Drake pondered what the dark elf was saying. He spoke in a commanding voice. "You'll be placed in the iron cells...for now". Bracknell gasped, then it was resigned to the fact that its service had ended.


Rogan stopped near the dark woods. 

He blew a grey whistle.

Suddenly he saw several goblins coming out of the shadows.

"Take me to the Sorceress", he said. 

And they grunted, as they headed through the woods to the black Castle.


Roy awoke. 

Delia shook her head.

"I'm scared", she said.

"There's nothing to be worried about". He then headed saw the entrance to the elven woods...and pointed to where the elves were.


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